At the Spirit Base, the Kyoryugers are notified that the ninth Zyudenryu Plezuon is returning from space alongside its partner Kyoryu Violet. The Red King [ edit ]. Dance Carnival [ edit ] 29 “Big Attack! Once back at the Spirit Base, the Kyoryugers learn that Gadoma’s final action opened a portal to Deboth Hell where members of the Deboth Army who the Kyoryugers killed have ended up. At that time, with only use of the Deinosgrander Zyudenchi unaccounted for, the Kyoryugers arrive and thwart Canderrilla’s plan. Covering Daigo and Dantetsu’s escape, Utsusemimaru finds his Gaburi Changer frozen by Yanasanta just as Dogold arrives, sending Aigallon to support Debo Yanasanta before the other Kyoryugers arrive to save the others. Kidnapped Family [ edit ]. When Daigo mentions he likes her resolve and that they can fight together, Kyoryu Blue reveals himself as Nobuharu while telling him that he doesn’t know how it feels to worry about dragging his family into this.

Browse All Articles 30 Articles. Using the Stymero Zyudenchi to make him fall in love with her, Amy tricks Debo Viruson to follow her out. He transforms into Kyoryu Blue to attempt to stop the monster, but only gets attacked by Dogold, Canderrilla, and Luckyulo. Though Kyoryu Silver manages to free the captive humans by smashing the gramophone, he realizes that the record has been taken by Chaos, just as he absorbs it. After arriving and using the Beyonsmo Zyudenchi on Gabutyra to ground Pteragordon, Kyoryu Red fights Dogold while the male members are holding off other Deboth members as Kyoryu Pink ran off. The Courageous Gaburivolver [ edit ] 4 “Fire! With only five hours left until the end of the world, the Kyoryugers transform as Endolf summons a horde of Zorima.

Somewhat predictably Deboss betrays Dantetsu, and it’s only five hours to global armageddon! As Torin looks for the others, Daigo and Amy find Yayoi with the former deals with Cambrima while the latter is overwhelmed by Debo Hyogakki while talking to Yayoi. Despite this setback, Chaos reveals an ulterior motive as he requests Dogold’s aid while contacting the others and the surviving Zetsumates to find Plezuon Lab and destroy it.

Yuko realizes that Nobuharu is right and laughs as Nobuharu regales her with more “oyaji” jokes.


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The Seven Kyoryugers [ edit ] 24 “Burn! Upon revealing Ankydon to be one of the five missing members of the Ten Great Zyudenryu, Torin believes that Debo Bathisie has caused Ankydon’s strange behavior. Taking a stray shot meant for Canderrilla, Nobuharu asks her to him again as Debo Kantokku and Luckyulo spirit her way. It’s a Sports Match” Transcription: Pops Is Broken-Hearted [ edit ] 40 “Wowie! Revealing vooltasaur Spirit Base was originally part of Bragigas and has been integrated into the Zyudenryu, Torin is given the silver Gaburivolver so he can enter and leave the Spirit Base without trouble.

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Oh wait, it’s Candelia. But as the fight goes underway, Aigallon suddenly acts strange during his fight with Kyoryu Black before Kyoryu Red intervenes and then runs off. Upon coming to, Daigo encounters a fisherman who tells him that those who have no fear are foolhardy. Retrieved January 2, Daigo’s dad returns to help the Kyoryugers save Christmas.

Daigo no Dai Pinchi ” Japanese: KLK was not only a visual revelation but proved anime has not forgotten how to do strong, willful female characters.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Later finding Yuuji, Utsusemimaru tries to get Yuuji to be independent but finds himself at the boy’s mercy. Souji and Amy transform and save Mitsuhiko from the monster, and as Souji drives the confused Debo Zaihodoron off, Mitsuhiko, who has had a voltssaur of heart about his jealousy and selfishness, calls out to Amy.

Despite the set backs, Nobuharu continues to prepare for the episodf festival, while Yuko gets second thoughts, when he realizes that anyone who was outside the previous day was affected by the Holiday Beam, volhasaur realizes that the Debo Vacance he has been fighting is only a copy, with the real giant-sized Debo Vacance in outer space, using the sun’s rays to amplify his Holiday Beam. However, Daigo hears his friends singing, which overpowers Deboth’s doomsday melody as he transforms into Kyoryu Red Carnival.

As the female members give chase on the Deinochasers, the male Kyoryugers fall back with Kyoryu Gold’s attack. Although he thinks that they should deal with that evil later, Daigo waits to honor his promise to Amy by treating her to a strawberry parfait. The Kyoryugers sortie out: However, the others find themselves dealing with Aigallon and Canderilla while Kyoryu Red is kept from attacking Debo Tairyon by Dogold before Dantetsu arrives.


Meanwhile, Debo Jakireen has been causing trouble with his Relationship-Cutting Shears, severing bonds between loving couples.

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From there, Kyoryu Black joins the fight against Icelond and manages to endure most of their attacks before Kyoryu Black uses Goltasaur Tohohawk to destroy the Deboth Knight. Buragigasu Shutsugen ” Japanese: But at the last second, Torin arrives and sends Daigo to once more engage his mortal enemy. Revealing that Deboth transferred his heart into him and he saved Aigallon at the last second, Chaos explains that Luckyulo’s actions have given them the means to defeat the Kyoryugers and evolve Deboth before he and his forces depart.

Hametsu no Kauntodaun ” Japanese: Returning to the Spirit Base to heal, Torin reveals he and that he was mortally wounded ages ago and could kill himself if he strains himself further. Though feeling guilt that she left Plezuon immobilized, Daigo explains that the Zyudenryu has faith that she can fix it. Amy wishes to pass her upcoming German exam, Souji wishes for a new bokkenUtsusemimaru wishes for a lot of frozen treats, Ian wishes to find the fossilized remains of an undiscovered species, but Nobuharu keeps his wish a secret.

While helping the others out, Daigo is formally introduced to the gun slinging Casanova Ian Yorkland, but when Daigo asks if he ever missed a shot, Ian took offense to it and left. Finding viltasaur attacks ineffective against 4 Gray as reinforcements arrive, Beautiful Zoreamer assumes his full make-up form to battle Kyoryu Red Samba Carnival before being defeated by him, Kyoryu Pink, and Kyoryu Black.