Salman, Henna, Adeel and Marina arrives U. Hashim confronts Soni about all he had done. Desi Girl Videshi Babu Telefilm. Waada – ARY Digital. Soni and Naeel refuse to stay with Hashim and stay with Henna and often meet Zee. Within few days, Henna receives divorce papers and is devastated.

Kahan Ho Tum by Aplus. Marina gets a job which saddens Adeel as he wants a baby now. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dhuwan – PTV Drama. Mere Khudaya by ARY. Soni’s friend calls up Henna one day and apologizes. Henna neglects Zarlina and insist Salman but soon realises her duty of being Zee’s mother. Henna keeps on insisting but is denied to meet her kids.

Faltu Larki by Aplus Entertainment.

Desi Girl Videshi Babu Telefilm. As she doesn’t have a green card she can’t go back to US. Waada – ARY Digital.

Zakham by ARY Digital. Dard Ka Rishta — Ep — 95 29 September Visaal — Ep — 27 Last 3 October Pyari Bhangan – Telefilm Express Entertainment. Marina apologizes to Adeel for her headstrong behavior and lives a happy life with him and even plans for a child. Marina loses weight and surprises Adeel and his family on the day of their yzar. It will also air in India on Zindagi. Ranj-e-Ashnayi By A Plus. Hashim confronts Soni about all he had done.


Ghairat by ARY Digital. Ishq Nachaya By Express Entertainment. Pari Hun Mein by Express. Hashim marries Kamla but his children don’t accept Kamla as their new mother. Salman, Henna, Adeel and Marina arrives U.

Salman comes to meet Zee but is surprised by Soni’s set up. Kesi Ye Paheli By Urdu 1. Salman in guilt, leaves Zee with her. Retrieved from ” https: Eposode Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Henna readily accepts which hurts Soni as she thinks Henna only loves Zee. Naeel likes Zee and even plays with her. Iltija by ARY Digital.

Her family includes her parents, two brothers, a sister-in-law and a niece. Soni tells Henna to get back with Salman as he is a nice person. Hum TV series Pakistani television series debuts Urdu-language television programs Pakistani drama television series Television shows set in Florida Mehreen Jabbar’s directions. Zee, who lives at Soni’s friend’s house still loves her elder sister.

Adeel soon realises his love for Marina and proposes her. Henna is desperate to meet her kids and meets Nabeel who proposes to Henna to take revenge from Hashim. Dard Ka Rishta — Ep — 3 October Before leaving, she tells Soni that she isn’t aware of the truth. Haara Dil by Aplus.


Vasl E Yaar Episode 10 Full

Apnay Paraye by Express Entertainment. She finds that her kids hate her for not showing up as Hashim had lied them that it was all Henna’s fault.

Meray Chotay Mian by Express Entertainment. By using this site, you agree to the Terms epsode Use and Privacy Policy.

Vasl-e-Yaar Episode 12 – ARY Digital Drama

A baby girl is born and is named Zarlina Zee. Marina applies for her master’s in a university.

Yeh ishq hai by Aplus. Saanp Seerhi by Express Entertainment. Ek Bond Zindagi by Aplus. Murada Mai By Urdu1. Henna apologizes and visits a doctor with Salman. One day, Henna meets Hashim and demands to see her kids she goes with him to Hashim’s House and is devastated to see Soni being so spoilt drug addict and Naeel being always yaaf. Such Betein By Aaj Entertainment. Henna keeps on insisting but yaarr denied to meet her kids.