This finally is fiction. Ravichandran’s daughter gets engaged. Do you see many Anamikas in gen now? As is Vidya’s nature, she wanted to read the novel first. Tovino Thomas to star in a sports film based on Vallamkali. So, in all forthrightness, I suggested an interview cautioning her that it would be akin to a threadbare dissection of the novel itself. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Suman Mandal rated it did not like it May 24,

The physicality of co-habitation is grossly overrated. He is candid about his lust for Anamika and does not delude her at any point with any false promises and avowals of love. The latter hugely underrated especially in women and the former largely overlooked. If she finds strong reasons to support or promote a cause, activity or even a book, she goes all out to do so. V Harikrishna’s journey in Sandalwood. But globalization has definitely affected our sense of belonging. Vidya Balan wants to do film on Munmun Ghosh’s novel.

Punjabi artists and movies that made headlines this week. Sex is a sacred thread binding two beings — it entails a deep exchange of emotions and transference of positive energy. Marriage as an institution has lost its sanctity. Coming to reactions, you know, Geeta, I have Face Book messages from girls who have confessed that Unhooked reads like their life-story, that the novel retells what they have gone or are going through.

Munmun Ghosh Unplugged

The following is how Vidya Unhpoked told it to the author herself. She spoke to Ghosh quite candidly about why she loved the book and would be happy to be associated with its launch. You have been sinfully candid about love and lust. I wanted to understand her and her sexually virile, best friend Mohini and her suave pursuer Uday who stalked her relentlessly from afar.


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Yes of course the discourse shall continue…as usual, endless. Author said she had sent an SMS to Balan for launching ‘Unhooked’, which had been published in June following a friend’s advice that she would be the best person to jnhooked the book.

Unhooked by Munmun Ghosh

Can you really blame him? No, not exactly uncomfortable but it was very important for me to bring home the point that disconnected sex, i. Is that group your own linguistic community, or the city where you live, or the country to which you belong or the country to which you have migrated or are currently based in — to rull do you belong?

A woman is just not a body alone. Rajatha Rao rated it it was ok Aug 06, Read All Comments Post a Comment.

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So, in all forthrightness, I suggested an interview cautioning her that it would be akin to a threadbare dissection of the novel itself. Pooja rated it liked it Oct 15, Different from the all-enduring, enigmatic, restrained and composed women we find especially in classical literature.


And you know what, the spunky lady agreed graciously. January 7, at Yajamana set for global release in Kannada only. How difficult was that, being a woman, yourself? Well researched questions; with difficult answers, but the author manages to do so with profound grace.

We humans are all great thinkers, we can analyze a problem to shreds, advise other people, but when it comes to ourselves, we are mvoie propelled forward in life by our emotions. Writing those sex scenes was a challenge, but when I did it, I knew that I had managed to put down something significant.

Vidya Balan pitches for UNHOOKED a novel by Munmun Ghosh

Mohini is more earthy, gutsy, worldly-wise, ambitious. Vidya Balan wants to do film on Munmun Ghosh’s novel Share this on: Unhioked was fantastic to work with Boman Irani: So, when she came, I thought of taking her […].

I have gone through it too. Unhooked is her second work of fiction.