His character was better utilized in the beginning of the drama when he was working as a cop on a case. He took responsiblity for his father,refused to go to Brother Jangs,all because YTJ was the only family he had even though he knew it’s him that make his life miserable. Depends on how big a fan you are of Jaejoong. I’m not going to complain about the 26 hours of my life I’m never getting back because I’m a big girl and have to take responsibility for my own actions. Kenneth, not much special. TITS 2 could have wrapped up in 25 episodes by getting rid of all the riff raff and still been able to develop the main characters properly, if the script had been better developed. Sundae August 2, at 1: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

Tim Downing 25 episodes, Edit Storyline The prisoners in Colditz Castle make many attempts to escape captivity from the arrival of the first British prisoners after Dunkirk in until the liberation of the castle by the Americans in All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Fala would be quite a decent Summer I would say. As if she never existed in the first place. Kong Hon Supporting Cast. Respectively, the two get emotional

I smell Samsung phone PPL You could also skip-watch.


Overall it was somewhat entertaining but not great. Nothing cultural except the bookstore and the bridge. No matter how much Sam loved Zoe, Zoe was dead and Sam still had to live on. Summer romance with Isaac was cute up until Isaac found out about Josie eisode.

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Jayden only shows his vulnerable human side around Summer. I admit doubting him at first, but he settled into the role of Heo Young-dal so well, his casting is the best thing that happened to this drama – I can’t even imagine what we’d be saying if Song Seung-hoon had taken the role, since he got the offer first.


Since she also tells him that Manbong barely stopped Dong-soo gloddrama killing their enemy, Young-dal tells her to thank him on his behalf. But it still gets very boring. I find Karma Gooddramx is more interesting than Triumph 2. Or watch and drop. At the end of that tunnel, someone miraculously appeared before me.

But a virtually endless supply of drinking games could be devised based on the sins of the script. I feel let down by this, by choosing to stick with it despite the gradual deterioration of the story I’ll miss all of the casts. Definitely a bit too much if you ask me…. They sskies out strong but then get draggy in the middle, and then end abruptly.

Its soo funny I was waiting for Youngdal to die that why I haven’t been watching this because I was like Jaejoong dies again I ain’t setting myself this time.

We relieve memories from the original and find out what our beloved Sam, Isaac, Roy and Coco have been up to in the past ten years. You broke my heart! Maybe not at the beginning, but in the second half of the series, totally. Login or Episore before you can reply to Jack.

Why do they have to kill off Zoe.

Login or Register before you tiumph reply to Keo I didn’t watch or even was interested to watch this show. I’ll stick to rom coms.

Triumph In The Skies 2 – Episode 2. Instead, we are served with random side stories and a lovesick Holiday. This was advertised as a triangle, but it was skie about Yeong Dal. Login or Register before you can reply to Shrimpboat.

I felt that Myolie was assigned the wrong character because she probably could have done better if she and Fala switched roles. They cared just enough skles tie up some of the major stories, but not how, and certainly not with any sense of urgency. Not that I could remotely relate to her life’s dream of being a dealer in a casino, episkde she was strong in an admirable way. Yes we are extremely proud of our Jaejoong XD proudjaeharem.


But, this is not the “worst” drama you ever re-cap. I only skimmed through sikes recaps because I didn’t want to spoil anything in the event that I do watch it. I’m going voting crazy! Some people tuned in just to watch the finale to see what happens at the very end. You can have a try for few episodes.

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The series is light-hearted with no evil, back-stabbing, scheming sort of stuff. They should have just killed off all the characters and created an entirely new drama altogether. As for the whole ending Her acting as a carefree and punk rock girl was horrible.

Login or Register before you can reply to Lily. Although i still find our female lead character gooddramq because who would have thought that our wicked Empress can be passionate but then that is what ACTING eoisode all about. Or he’s just very unprofessional and give up half way on his work.

Not everyone notices, because some are no longer paying attention. And saying that as a huge fan, I myself had to fast forward a lot of scenes, including an absurd amount of flashbacks. Login or Register before you can reply to Ohnojov. When Jung-hee goes to work in Madame Chang’s illegal casino and comes to the attention of Yang-ha, she’s told gopddrama no uncertain terms to “be nice to him” and we all know what this means.

I love Hyo Skiee.

Triumph In The Skies 2 – Episode 6. And big thanks to our lovely recappers. Oshin Episode I just thought the storyline was too anti-climatic.