Remove the cable attaching the LCD to the motherboard, on the left side of the laptop. The next step is to remove the plastic from around the display. Once you have popped this section up, work on pulling the rest of this plastic piece up, working from left to right. One very creative repair that I’ve done is to bypass a broken ribbon-cable trace by using a 36 guage jumper wire, soldered to the circuit boards and both ends. I changed my screen.

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STEP 8 Remove two screws on each side of the screen. Time Required 10 minutes. Remove the video cable securing tape and disconnect the video cable from the LCD screen.

Hi I had a similar problem with mine I don’t believe it is toshiba satellite a105 display gone it might be a simple problem with the connection Clarify it sstellite editing! First you must remove the 5 screws found around the plastic part of the display indicated in picture 1. There are several different types of ribbon-cable connectors.

Tosjiba the screw is removed lift the display up. It’s time to speak out for your right to repair We have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment. You will need to forcefully wedge the screwdriver under the plastic, simultaneously pushing upward and forward. And if it is the screen, can I just pull the old one off and put a new one on? They are well known throughout the world and are leading suppliers of electronics, which includes laptop internal cables, motherboards, LCD screens, hard drives, DVD drives, keyboards, etc.


Toshiba satellite a105 display the battery and slide it away from the laptop. Better Introduction Improve this guide by completing or revising toshiba satellite a105 display introduction.

Start laptop disassembly with removing the battery. You will also find a connector on the toshiba satellite a105 display side of the q105 indicated in picture two toshiba satellite a105 display the square. Examine the cable under magnification and look for cracks.

The eyelet in the circle is a necessary grounding wire for the LCD, when you reattached the hinges to the base you will need to put a screw through this eyelet. Time Required 30 – 45 minutes. The silver foil is typically for EMI shielding.

TOSHIBA SATELLITE AS Laptop Screen Replacement – $

Single Step Full Guide. Toshiba satellite a105 display when I pop the case, what should I look for? To start, satelliite the laptop so the display screen is bent fully back with the display facing upward, parallel to the surface you are working on.

New Drivers  ASUS V9570 DRIVERS

Be as distinctive as possible, for example for Dell Latitude D screen enter D only. Step 6 LCD Display. I am wondering if that is where risplay problem is. I hate to admit that I’ve toshiba satellite a105 display replaced an entire 18 pin ribbon cable with jumper wires this way.

These come loose very frequently, and worse, tend to cause damage to the cable itself since the ribbon cable tends to get creased where it a05 the connector. Remove the FL inverter board. Production of LCD screens – is a very complex process requiring millions of investment in research and manufacturing. Toshiba satellite a105 display and 2 other contributors. It should come free easily.

Toshiba Satellite A105-S4011 Display Replacement

We only sell genuine, high-quality screens for laptops that are exactly the same as ones installed by notebook manufacturers. Using you left hand, hold toshiba satellite a105 display left release tab towards the left side and then pull the battery out.

Remove the white wire in the channel found there.