The City of Madness, http: Aku nyari-nyari raw nya belum nemu yg bagus nih! His eyes are hooded and relaxed, as if he has just had a very satisfying time. A Taxi Driver subnya udah ada https: That sheds light on something she said later to her husband: Amor itu movie yang ada chanyeol nya bukan?

Kalau yg ini belum tahu, belum sempat ngintip. FIlm kayak gitu mah kagak butuh subtitle, chingu. Kak Admin bisa mnta tolong buat. Minwoo is so cute, hilarious and hot!! Subber yang lain masih pada hiatus. Crystal June 13, at 1: Halo min, request sub utk drama Age of Youth season 2 dong..

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Lee Chang-Jae Release Date: Ji-hyuk leaves, running into Mi-yeon on her way out. There will be fireworks 3 dvd There will be fireworks text Indonesia total 3 dvd.

To be honest if there’s someone who had an sinopxis with my husband, and later got into an arranged marriage with my brother, and is now living under the same roof as me, I would definitely snipe at her and plot ways to mess with her. Min tolong translate wise prison life dong,makasiih min.

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Bisa minta link raw nya? They only need to make MW AND his father believe that MW is crazy, to undermine his ability to work, and his father’s confidence in shatk. Request subindo Kdrama solomons perjury episode The couple is beginning to notice each other more and more, and starting to open up to each other.


Tolong dong sub Film Midnight Runners Videonya udah keluar tp Tanpa sub. One day, their grandfather Kim Yong-Geon orders his 3 grandsons to attend his 5th wedding ceremony. draama

Rilisnya bulan Juli atuh! If they were like him, he could use JS to manipulate MW and split the resulting wealth with her. Nyari dimana-mana ngga ada. Duh dek, sumber daya subber kita terbatas. Terimah kasih min udh di jelaskan.

SINOPSIS Shark Episode 1-20 Episode Terakhir

Despite the couple of plot holes and question marks and tropesthis is probably my favorite drama on the air right now. The weird stuff in MW’s mind doesn’t fit into any particular diagnostic category, so it doesn’t seem strange to me that epiaode OK with water on his car upholstery. Nanti kalau udah keluar raw nya kabari kami ya.

Tolong cek point no. Subber yang lain juga udah penuh semua. Siang min,aku mau request subtitle untuk variety show korea baru episode 1 Judul: Min, tolong sub Prison sama One Line yaah.


Tidak semua drama dikasih komen, tergantung drama dan subbernya. Terimakasih Banyak Master Totoro.

Or an imaginary friend? By Plan B, I didn’t mean they thought about it.


He says sbark used to be good as a child, but these days he only plays for his mother. If you marathon it you’ll get my point.

So we will see what happens with him. Subbernim, ikutan request subtitle nya kalau boleh, hihi Movie: I don’t think she’s pregnant but eating to try to fill some void of loneliness Wasn’t jiSook has it in her head that music when being scolded eipsode her superior?

Oiaa min, Request sub children of a lesser god ep 4 dan seterusnya ya hehehe.

Lalu setelah melihat artikel tentang lucid dream dia ingin mencobanya. Kak, req sub midnight runner.