By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Vincent drove away the mean that chatted with Elena. She also gave Siu Yau good advice since Siu Yau seems vulnerable by being too helpful. Thanks for dropping a comment JacJac! You can basically skip every article in this site or most reviews in any other site. Kenneth and Elena tries to stop Vincent from slapping himself. Her make up is scary but fits her part, like the makeup is compensating for her lack of class as opposed to Yee Yin, the one with the inborn classiness. Damien told Savio he lost the golden pen his mentor gave him.

Rebecca said Ron helped her when she almost starved to death. Login or Register before you can reply to clamine. Ron told Rebecca she gave Kenneth a chance to fool her. Damien told Vincent that one more time then he will be kicked out of this house. In here she is not convincing as some daomadan or Peking Opera expert but she is convincing as a woman having to be tough in front of others when deep down she is vulnerable. Tavia told Kenneth he is always so kind and different from his dad. Many scene felt like that.

Does Damien have like some background with English? Adrian told Sire he can compromise anything with her except setting foot in her house.

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Damien introduced JJ to Boss Suen. Too much powder, too much make up but if this series spans over a decade or so, I suppose it is a necessity. Idy said she will leave and they will go separate ways. I think Funn is right, Tavia gave a good convincing performance for this role. Damien wpisode JJ if she ever thought sopon becoming a singer. Fala is much much prettier no comparison. Ron told Elena to get up.


Rebecca got touched that Mary made the patch quilt for Ron. Damien told Shek Sau if he bear a grudge then their collaboration project will be affected.

Tavia said Elena is in a bad mood so thing matches her. Elena told Ron that he likes Rebecca. Damien told Elena if she has enough of this craziness. But so far, I like her.

Mary told Epiisode she wants everyone to envy her for having a beautiful daughter.

So he went to their meeting and lo and behold Tung hates him and refuses and insults him as the lackey shaclkes the westerners whilst Arthur warns everyone the consequences; not only do Chinese merchants look bad for not helping own people, there will be chaos and ultimately riot and theft and whatnots. Login or Register before you can reply to KenMa.

Damien asked JJ to pick a dress for Tavia. Login or Register before you can reply to Bobbie. She was Siu Lung Lui!

Vincent Wong to me is sort of miscast. But rebecca is young looking and next to her, except for Sire Ma, everyone looks like auntie. Tavia told Sire she will take the blame. It just encompasses everything and makes her look hardened, more so when she is now much thinner, her face is longer and much sharper. Ron told Rebecca he never lied hsackles her about his love.

Or did he do that on purpose since it is the character that has bad English and not him??

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All opinion remains my own. Fala only excels in roles that are arrogant and unlikable. Is it me or does Ron look a bit stumpy and unattractive in this show?

Damien told Tavia to not bug in his relationship with Idy and it will undermine her relationship. Kenneth put the jacket on Rebecca.


But i commend him on speaking his english lines loudly, just as loud as his chinese lines. Notify me of new posts via email. Tavia said he found her guilty without investigating the truth. Because I never seen them in any TVB series before.

Kenneth and Elena tries to stop Vincent from slapping himself.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: S become a heart pleasing plot? Damien told Mary he will spend more time with her. Damien asked Tavia if she wanted to embarrass him. But his pronunciation is poor but if he can string a sentence together I am sure you can say his english is good.

Rebecca saw Ron at the hospital.

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Shek Sau said his son died because of Sire. Kenneth yelled at Rebecca to end their relationship if she loves Ron so much. He tries to help Damien but he keeps on doing it wrong. Vincent Wong, a miscast. When I helped you, I was siler merely voicing an opinion, I did not expect any gratefulness in return, all I did was just saying something to assist another in distress.

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The Shanghainese in this drama is absolutely horrible. Kenneth told Rebecca to ask Bin to come over to Ron more often so he will get well faster. Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim.