Moroccan actress Saidia Baadi, who has starred in many films and television shows, says she’s delighted to be here. Mayor of Tunis The “Sheikha”, the city and its problems Production and development funding. You have successfully shared item s. Your National Lottery funded project. Reviewed at Forum des Images, Paris, May 5, Mina hatches a plan for reconverting the prostitute village into a noble outpost of vanishing Berber culture.

The programme was not only prolific in terms of topics, but also cinematic styles. Classroom resources for teachers. Moroccan actress Saidia Baadi, who has starred in many films and television shows, says she’s delighted to be here. Mid of trophies for actresses Courses, training and conferences for teachers. All of the films in the festival tackle women’s issues and are judged by a female-only panel of judges. Interview with a mixed-faith couple Experiences in a Christian-Muslim marriage.

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Wide of stage Accordingly, they make films that attract financing, usually on themes dealing with backwardness and poverty in the widest possible sense. Find out about booking film programmes internationally. The films rarely provide an insider’s view of any given situation, but, instead, social, economic, political, and ethnic conflicts find themselves written into the subtext of the film, making use sasif the definitory power of historical and political values.

We have to get it because we portray the problems women are facing through cinema. Comments submitted by readers using fantasy names or intentionally false names will not be published. The difficulty with breaching taboos is that although this can often be pertinent, there is the simultaneous tendency to simplify, sometimes falsify, and only rarely to analyse. The decline of Islamic scientific thought Don’t blame it on al-Ghazali.

Close-up of Saidia Baadi, Moroccan actress and jury member. In many cases, they serve to support the system’s monopoly over the interpretation of facts, says Irit Neidhardt.

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Trafficking of women who are then sexually exploited is a massive problem in Morocco, although Moroccan women are primarily trafficked abroad in other Arab countries and in Europe. Helmer demonstrates an assured belief in the raw power of stark skham as formal compositions in stunning landscapes propel multi-generational saga of shame and hate. Fahd falls hard for Hala, who says her heart fillm withered and her eyes permanently dry.


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There haven’t been enough interested filmmakers in Morocco to spend the allotted funds exclusively within the country, which is why cineastes with a Moroccan immigrant background from abroad have been welcomed to apply for the film subsidies.

Close-up of festival banner 4. In the film, they only speak Amazigh, whereas the professional actors communicate in Arabic. Although pic comes close to sliding off the allegorical rails before its conclusion, core story is so powerful and boldly conveyed that it overcomes the wobbly finish.

Production and development funding.

Moroccan actress Saidia Baadi, who has starred in many films and television shows, says she’s delighted to be here.

Zoom out of festival jury members on red carpet Reviewed at Forum des Images, Paris, May 5, Project Go to top. For generations, only women have lived in the village. Cilm resources for teachers.

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Read research data and market intelligence. The Berber women had no real chance of success with their suit, as the director had sihamm written contracts with the illiterate extras before the start of production and was thereby legally protected.

Sasif filmmakers have been especially targeted to make their films in Morocco, as the state has been investing in cinema production for the past few years. Latest from the BFI Latest news, features and opinion. Arabic Saidia Baadi, Moroccan actress and jury member: The three main characters, Hala, Mina and Fahd, are played by professional actors considered to be among Morocco’s celebrities.

Read industry research assuf statistics. Now, domestic film production is also meant to profit from this infrastructure. At the same time, hardly any film can be completed solely on the basis of Arab financing. I hope that we will see films of good quality and that our judgment will be fair. Shotlist Go to top. US Presidential Elections fim To this day, the Berber population is still fighting to obtain basic infrastructure such as roads, running water, and electricity.


The films are scrutinised by an all-female jury chaired by Aicha Belarbi, a prominent scholar and diplomat. Back fiml the top. Become a BFI Champion. Find out about international touring programmes. Films should be put in context in order to avoid false conclusions, says Neidhardt. The event is billed as the only one of its kind in North Africa and the Arab World. Future learning and skills — giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film.

Among other things, it states that “inthe Kingdom of Morocco achieved its independence. Some directors make their presence felt in every frame of their films, while others operate in service of the stories and the stars. Each shot is gorgeously composed and no amount of CGI could rival the dignified majesty of natural settings in the Atlas Mountains. She was born and grew up there and works as a citizen reporter for the aseif platform Campji. Holofcener was originally attached [ Thirty-five women, supported by eight men, attempted to fulm further screenings of the film banned.

Since the early s and increasingly in the s and sihaam, Moroccan authorities have employed torture and kidnapping in order to silence opposition. Distribution and exhibition funding. Courses, training and conferences for teachers.