Under the hood of the X3C the components are directly accessible. The best in its category. The resume time from sleep mode was around 2. Extremely compact dimensions; excellent build quality; quite good performance. In some scenarios you can even reduce the brightness a bit. An integrated WWAN module in this clase would be an excellent selling point. One known problem in this context is the ‘crackling’ when using an external soundcard. There’s a low voltage 1.

I need power and lots of it. The 4-cell battery in the Series 9 has a 40 Watt-hour rating. We love the balance of the notebook, which allows the lid to be lifted open with one hand while it’s sitting flat on a desk, and there is a little recess at the front of the unit so that you can easily distinguish the base from the screen. The base alone is only 11mm at its thickest point near the palm rest, and you’ll have a hard time causing it to flex or creak. The Logitech Z laptop speakers is a speaker system specifically designed for laptops – dramatically improve your inbuilt laptop speakers with this simple Logitech upgrade. For tougher tasks, such as transcoding video files, the Series 9 isn’t really ideal, mainly because it’s just not designed to work that hard and doesn’t have a large internal storage capacity.

While the GB solid state drive only has a usable capacity of 94GB, it’s a fast drive when it comes to working with big files. Fit and revisw is fantastic; there are no rough edges or areas that are of better quality than others. Make sure to include your initial thoughts on using the product, any observations and potentially any issues you might have run into while using it.

The bottom side doesn’t stray above 34 degrees We couldn’t identify any visible loss of light that results in distorted colors or inverted images. Any Windows laptop released at the moment will be immediately categorized as an Ultrabook, but Samsung has opted not to allow Intel to brand the Series 9 X3B with its new category.


As revew any Ultrabook, it starts with the build and design. The Global Score is arrived at only after curating hundreds, sometimes thousands of weighted data points such as critic and user reviews. When running tasks that use a lot of the CPU, it’s best to keep the notebook on a flat surface that can provide adequate ventilation.

This means that the rival from Asus gains a point here. It has four levels of intensity and it also comes on automatically when the ambient light sensor detects that there is not enough light.

There are two 1. The device is still based on a slim aluminum body, which is being used again without changes. With the predecessor this value was already at a high measurement of 47 degrees With Samsung revieew to carve out a brand identity, it wouldn’t want the Series 9 to be diluted with third-party labels.

Samsung Series 9 NPX3C: Performance

The processor gets hot, but the normal 2. There is an SD card slot on the right side and it has a cute little spring-loaded cover on it to keep dust out. It actually felt a lot lighter when we handled it, and we almost forgot we had it in our bag as we transported it around with its small power adapter which ontebook 65mm wide, 94mm long and 16mm thick.

This is found under the palm rests, and due to the slim design is securely integrated. But by the end of the review period, it made perfect sense.

Samsung Series 9 review

Throughout our test period, the touchpad was responsive, accurate and it handled multi-finger gestures well. An integrated module for mobile internet connection is not included with this subnotebook.

Webcam and Integrated Graphics card Our Rating: Single Review, online available, Long, Date: Would you buy this? The RAM is however soldered onto the motherboard. In comparison, many manufacturers use specialized Torx screws. The black point level is relatively little, meaning that the contrast ratio soars upwards. We won’t just take a look at power though; we will also be looking at emissions.


We were pleased to see that the screen also got an nktebook and provides high-quality images. Mineral Ash Black Weight 1. The left- and right-click buttons are located underneath the pad and we didn’t experience any issues while performing drag-and-drop operations with either button. The hinges that support the screen are smooth in their movement, yet can hold the screen perfectly in place at your seriea angle and there is no dreaded screen shake.

The backlight is subtle and a shade of green rather than white, and it makes the notebook look very stylish.

Samsung Series 9 review | TechRadar

After opening the white and rather large package, the device was not there waiting for us. In our rundown test, in which disable power management, enable Wi-Fi, maximise screen brightness and loop an Xvid-encoded video, it lasted 3hr 39min. Light, fast, great screen. Finally, we take a look at the behavior of the clock speed of the processor. I like how the keys are large and easy to find by feel. In everyday use you will almost never be able to fully replicate the conditions of our stress test where we used FurMark and Prime It’s worth noting that if you use the Series 9 on your lap extensively, there is a chance that you could block the vents that supply fresh air to the two cooling fans.