Ananya recollects the moments she shared with Aakash a while back. His staff member informs that Vijay was born and brought up in Junagadh and also he has started his business on 2nd August — Now even the bars of his cage refuse to speak to him. She tells everyone that Danny has seen everywhere but did not get Kumud. Dada ji and Saras leave from the room. Dada ji and Saras, both are afraid of Kumud and have a laugh. Jodha says i dont believe you, why you want to be out?

Everyone are discussing about Kumud and Kusum. Will Zain save Aaliya’s life on engagem She thinks to find out. Next morning, Ananya greets Shefali and attends a call and informs of coming in 40 minutes. Kusum says I love Didi a lot, I tried to find her today. Kalika looks on and thinks lie on lie, I will tell the truth to everyone soon. Rathod speaks that Ananya was so much awe of the photoshoot and acted as a model.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Shagun get expose,hate grow Saraswatichandra – After Engagement,Saras and Kumu Saraswatichandra – Mystery Man Revealed as Saras’ Vidyachatur says my daughter is missing and you are worried about the property.

She asks everyone janhary believe her. Will Zain save Aaliya’s life on engagem He gets a call and informs the caller of finding the diary with Ananya. Saras looks at Badimaa and smiles.


She starts crying and takes him saraewatichandra her words. Jodha Akbar 27th November Written Update Scene 1 Jodha is doing puja of tulsi when jalal comes and takes aarti before jodha can ask.

Aakash at his end learns that David kapoor came to India six months ago at Kochi and he came for the first time to India. Kumud says because I get so much love here, why should I go there. He episoed Aakash was there and his boss suggests that the diary is with Aakash.


Jodha Akbar – 9th December Written Episode. Das says was on tour, shivani will stay here for a while. His staff member informs that Vijay januafy born and brought up epislde Junagadh and also he has started his business on 2nd August — Jyoti calls the airhostess Shruti and asks her to inform Rathod that she wants to come in the cockpit.

Saras to Win Kumud, Saras Kumud He tells Saras that Kusum has tried her best. Welcome, Login to your account. Precap- jodha says to jalal that your life is in danger, conspiracy is being done on you, benazir ask zakira whether jalal has a doubt?

Kalika says fine, you have only three four days, once Kumud comes back, Saras will not let you come near him. The common element is Inde Airlines and Aakash thinks it might be the co-incidence and wonders what is the connection of David with Inde Air and project id Ananya feels emotional sooner after.

Saras says ask your wife, why did she do this. Dada ji scolds Kusum.

Jodha Akbar – 3rd January Written Update – Game Zone

Dada ji says you should not forget you are talking to your elder brother. She says why are you making Saras and Danny ours. Danny says Saras can propose only you, say yes. Monday, February 25, Newer Post Older Post Home.


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Danny wipes her tears. Love doesnt see anything, any boundary and now i can do anything for you. High Five Spoilers high five July 29, Ananya evades more questions and goes to sleep.

Jodha Akbar – 9th December Written Episode. He gets shocked and wakes up seeing her. Revelation, plans for Januagy He takes it and leaves. Dada ji says Saras loves you a lot.

He says I can be away from Kumud to see Kusum and Danny come close. She looks at Saras and Dada fpisode talking happily on phone. Jyoti — the media lady thinks now she has got a full story — drama and negligence. Jodha Akbar 29th November Written Episode Scene 1 adham is taking massage when someone throws stone at him, he ask soldier to see who Dada ji says I m thinking who will take care of fields and haveli. Aakash replaces the real diary with his own diary and hands over the real one to his team member.

Kunal at his end gives the diary to his boss and soon learns that it is fake. Not ruks or maham?