Kusum says I know, keep the box and leave. Budhidhan asks where is Alak. Kumud runs away from Pramad as he gets closer to her. Last updated Sep 9, Budhidhan says what to do, I being a father could not understand his problem. She says if I was not there, this would have not happened. He gets his shirt burnt.

Like 0 Dislike 0. He says are you much hurt. She says I will eat, but I want to know. Saras comes and is shocked to see the fire. Pramad comes to Kumud and sees her crying. Kalika sees Kumud and Saras and leaves. Kumud says he misbehaved with me and made me drink wine.

Saras is in his room thinking Pramad can take out the anger on Kumud. Saras says marriage does not work like this 201 he is trying to break it.

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He asks Saras not to tell this to Kusum. Saras says I found out about Saraswartichandra. After a very long sseptember, they came closer, really sweet!!

She says this is the only way. Pramad gets up and stops him and says tell me if she does not love me, then why does she act infront of me. She eats the food. Kusum says I can do anything for her. Kusum throws the kerosene all over the room. He says your Saraswastichandra has died.

He starts touching her and Kumud is feeling awful. She looks at it shocked. He shows the wound on his face too. Kalika says how can it be, I got this kamarbandh when I was cleaning the room. She sayts I m your wife, this is my duty. He says my mum dies infront of my eyes. Saras says with Kusum? Kalika wipes her tears and says because of me Kusum and Naveen are not talking, I want Kusum and Naveen to talk like earlier, will you help me in this.


Danny comes to her and she thinks its Saras. He loved Kumud by his heart and respected her love, and if anyone said against Kumud, he would think of killing them. Kumud says Kalika has shown Pramad that everyone hates him.

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Guniyal asks who, but does not know it. Kalika comes to them. He says I came to know everything about your lover.

He asks her where did you go. Saras comes to Alak on the terrace and asks her what you are seeing.

Saras Kumud’s ROMANTIC DANCE in SANGEET CEREMONY in Saraswatichandra 30th January 2014 FULL EPISODE

Kalika says fine and leaves. Kumud says I was going to call you Badimaa. Even Chandrika gives her bangles. She says you should know how should be the relation between the husband and wife, you have to teach him. Kusum says my saree caught fire and maybe Kumud has put off the fire. Budhidhan asks Kumud why she did not tell them about Kusum and Naveen.


Budhidhan is shocked to know about Pramad and Kumud. Kusum comes to Kumud. Kusum takes the ointment and throws it. Badimaa says someone came, I will call you later. Saras says Pramad will do anything to find out Saraswatichandra. Saras asks Danny did you see Kumud as she is not in the room. Saras says Pramad has gone out of the limit.

She asks her why is she looking tensed.

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Budhidhan asks Pramad to leave the house. Danny says Saras has given this ointment and applies it to her hand. Pramad says why, I married a left over woman. Kusum is unable to breath and faints. Danny drinks it and his phone rings. Pramad laughs on Saras.

Kumud and Saras have a talk. Kumud says Pramad is responsible for my state. Badimaa is shocked to hear this. Pramad stares at him angrily.