Pramad says Kumud and Saras has run away yesterday. Welcome, Login to your account. Kalika comes and says this is a lie. Saras tries to see her looking up. Pramad says Kalika saved him, she tries to tell me their truth but I did not listen to her. Saras is leaving the Desai house. Kusum says Kumud did the right thing. Saras says you are right, the time has changed now, I should leave.

Badimaa asks what about you. She says was it right to send your husband to jail infront of everyone. Kumud says I have to do this, let me go. He says maybe the fate wants to bring them together. She says ask Budhidhan to make a call and Pramad will be here with us. Kumud says forgive me and tells the inspector that its true Pramad wanted to kill her. Kumari says shall we fly kites. He says you know everything.

She says I will not eat anything till Pramad comes home.

Kusum asks Kumud to stop Saras

Alak tells Budhidhan that Pramad does not care for anyone, she says I had to marry Inkesh because of him. He says maybe the fate wants to bring them together. Pramad says its a good story.


He says yes, to see her the final time. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Pramad puts the blame on Kumud. Saras hugs her and cries. Kumud says you have slapped Alak, sarasqatichandra have done all the responsibilities of your son.

Saubhagyadevi slaps Pramad

Police takes Pramad with them. She says I made your favourite Aloo curry, have it. Danny says I will go, you stay here for few days.

She says tell them Kumud is lying about Pramad. He smiles seeing her. Kusum comes to Kumud and says Saras is going, stop him. Kumud looks at him angrily.

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He says because people will ask whats the relation between a kite and a thread. Like 0 Dislike 0. Welcome, Login to your account. Kumari asks her some questions. Kumud says Pramad does not deserve anything, I should have done this before.

Danny is packing his bag. Kumud looks at him through the window. Saras comes there with Danny. Pramad says who will trust you.


Kumari says lets start with you. Kumud and Saras think of their past and that white cloth. Kumari comes and says do you remember I was sad one day and we played that game and my mood changed, shall we play the game again.

Badimaa asks Kumud what is the truth. Kumud meets epissode family.

Kumari says Kumud loves Saras. Last updated Oct 16, Kumud says yes, the time was something else, now the time has changed.

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Kumud says you took me somewhere and has tried to burn me alive. Kalika comes and says this is a lie.

Kusum and Kumari smile seeing them. Pramad tries to take the thing under his control.