Ishaan stands near it I am leaving something here. Ankita asks Prashant, why did he do this? Khushi gets shy and runs away from there. Ankita invites them inside. Purvi says she will take the papers to Canada as Aayi and baba is there. Anjali calls Shyam and asks where did he go.

Shyam is hiding and looking at her struggling and laughing. Which comedy shows have you enjoyed the most on television? Archana tells her that he went to Bangalore. Just work a little hard. Everyone says to doctor, please tell us this is not true. I don’t feel Antara is suitable for her. Tu Ek Haseen Ladki.

My augusf Rani Saheba is coming herself to get trapped. If I get the job then I’ll serve you offering worth rs Rishi is still restless and regard them with tears in eyes.

She says sorry to Arjun and says this deal will be sign after some days. I can’t go there. Savita says but thanks to Bappa our Soham is back with us. NK and Aakash take Arnav on the stage and makes him dance. Humse Hai Life — 0. It is like antibiotic to the baby. Arnav comes there and looks at her. Khushi says him, what are you doing? Now see our child.


Now I am waiting for the day when I hold the baby and show it to you. Chairman Of The Episde. Purvi says she will take the papers to Canada as Aayi and baba is there. The stroke has resulted in coma.

Will you be able to save our child? We are back with the performance report. It is because of you Shrimatiji is pavira coma and the baby is near death.


The doctors keep her under observation as Rishi watch writtten in anxiety. My daughter is going to do something that pavvitra specialists could not do it. Pavitra Rishta – 2. Go home and help your father out. Archana says are you mad? Don’t worry, she will be all right. Arjun says I believe Purvi wants to go to Canada soon and asks his employee to do the paper work fast.

But my fate is different. If anything happens to the baby,,I will not… Munna: Dutt hails crucial Leverkusen win Ra.

Krishna at school tries to pay the fees but the admin says the office has closed. Unseen Arnav Khushi Pics.

The lady doctor is pavtra the place the baby in blissful Shwetha’s arms. Krishna sees there is time but the admin refuses to take the fees.


Hitler Didi 31st August Written Update – Meelak

The Buddy Project — 0. Shwetha rishtta at him in disappointment. Anjali gets a shock and is about to fall down from the stairs. If it is bad then augut need to wait. Rishi and Sharma family members and Shwetha appear stunned If I had kept the promise and withdrew from the decision then I would become a bad person. The love, which you did not give me, will definitely be returned back to me from yours and Indira’s baby one day. I had concealed one matter from you. Latest VideoWritten Indian Drama’s.

Shwetha is disappointed and is speechless Munna: We cannot use life support, as she needs to undergo surgery. Diya Aur Baati Hum — 6.

Kashyap rushes in to examine Indira once again. Are you going to sell thongas wearing formal clothes?