Shakugan no Shana 3 s 24 videos. I dont think I’m capable of making this costume, so does anyone know of any online stores that carry it? Ima watch this next i guess. Game Reviews Columns incl. Blassreiter s 24 videos. XD So far I have download about 20 anime but never had the chance to watch it all. Galaxy Express TV s videos. Ga-Rei-Zero d 12 videos.

Complete Collection Feb 1, Armitage III s 4 videos. It seemed really cheesy especially since I was really into SAO. Check out this article for some more info on the whole series. Schooldays I haven’t seen but will check out. This site is constantly being worked on so more is still being added. I didn’t cry but I listened to nothing but the blues for a couple of days if you, you know wanna get in touch with your more senseitive side I recomend:

Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi Muv-Luv alternative Total eclipse F: Tenchi Muyo GXP s 4 videos. Horizon in the Middle higjschool Nowhere Season 2 s 13 videos.

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Hope this helps xxxx im not sure where to download but you can use a convertor to convert the files into mp4 http: Sergeant Frog d 4 videos.

Where can i find chobits episodes in english? Im sure one of them will have all the episodes your looking for! I was told to watch it in that order for the following reason. Just making my way through the list “All war is deception.


Bamboo Blade s 26 videos. Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on. Right now on the anime network. Linebarrels of Iron s 27 videos. I feel so sorry for Tomoko but I can’t stop watching. Our Kaibutsu Oujo is now in english dub!! Peace Eco Smile s 8 videos.

The Monster from Mars d 1 videos. Charger Girl Ju-den Chan s 12 videos. Chobits, I feel personally, was made for hosr enjoyment Zexal S1 d 25 videos. Aswell as the latest movies and games!

OAV s 13 videos.

DUST Search – List of good animes

Good animes I have seen: If we’re talking dark anime – we can’t forget Future Dairies. Like anime as a kid but am slowly growing out of it mostly because I’m too ADD to try and sit through a whole series of anything now a days. Gray-Man d 51 videos. I love it when shows do stuff like that reminds me of Angel Beats! highschooll

La Maison hhost Petits Cubes s 2 videos. Send an email saying that you are looking for someone to costume for you. Gad Guard d 26 videos. Slayers Next s 26 videos. DNangel has a lot of romance too A lot of people like vampier knight. MOST guys are peverted at that age!

Not coming out of closet because I haven’t been in one phil jackson salary in chicago princess resurrection episode 9 part 1 english sub. You and Me 2 s 14 videos. Chii Dake no Hito.


You want less depressing, but not comedy? A city with no people! He isn’t from chobits, he was made for tsubasa chronicle just like kurogane highschooll a half-over percent of TSUBASA are the characters with same faces as in CLAMP’s past works, owing to dimension theory the other are clearly original characters in this story such as Kurogane, Himawari, Feiwang ,etc no but chi from chobits is in tsubasa chronicles.

Search Dust forums for: Soldier Sorajord ShootBreakStab And I’m just sitting here. Hideki asks Hibiya to teach Chi happiness and says “all I want to do is make Chi happy”. Trigun s 26 videos.

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Kemeko DX s 12 videos. Other persocoms from chobits?

I need a visual step-by-step directions! I would love to be able to get episodes of Chobits it’s a japanese cartoon that is either subtitled in english or dubbed over in english. It’s really light slice of life. Naruto Shippuden s, wpisode videos.