Edit Details Official Sites: It doesn’t get any more fresh than this! I think the show was really interesting and there have been some sightings of a huge shark that they even showed that could have been feet in length or bigger. This is extreme gold mining: I can now see how myths, legends, and some religious beliefs get started and then spread: Unlike a scientist, I can’t tell you.

Say it all you want, but there is strong evidence to conclude megalodon is extinct. This sort of targeting of the animals liver would have ensured that that its highly unlikely a shark would float to the surface and onto a beach. Discovery owes its viewers a Megalopology. Shame that they tried to pull something like this. And a scuba tank experiment so dangerous, the FBI are brought in. Adam and Jamie are looking to debunk the movie-stunt where Indiana Jones rides an inflatable life rate to safety after jumping out of an aircraft. There are also other lines of evidence which converge that support the conclusion that megalodon is extinct. Especially the biomass thing.

There is research going on that our planet may have a large body of water, several times bigger than the known oceans, far beneath the surface. I think kathy is onto somthing! Are mini myths preferable to full myths?

No matter how many times we see this MythBusters: Himself – Builder Kari Byron To put it simply: It turns out, sharks and airplanes aren’t all that different, and scientists are drawing inspiration from the shark’s million-year-old aerodynamic evolution. Fisherman Chris O’Neill got the surprise of a lifetime when megallodon accidentally hooked a 6-foot juvenile great white shark 15 miles off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey.


When scientists say they do not know of any scientists who believes something, usually what they mean is the consensus of scientists over the publicly available evidence. So many camera angles to choose from! They disappeared because none have died recently. I find it a shame that scientists often resort to such logical sophistry as what you proposed.

Do sharks lose interest in attacking if punched on the nose or jabbed in the eyes and gills?

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I am going to play the advocate here. Get a soundless glimpse behind the scenes of the Tablecloth Pull shoot. It is highly unlikely that megalodon is still around, but not to be ruled out entirely. Has he not seen the show? The MythBusters take a mega-myth straight from the fan site at Discovery. All of you guys and your witty comments. Science changes often, sometimes in dramatic ways, and if and when this megatooth shark appears, scientists will be the first to enthusiastically study such an animal.

I think the show was really interesting and there have been some sightings of a huge shark that they even showed that could have been feet in length or bigger. I am portuguese so I know could tell by the guys accent that he was not brasilian.

Until then, mfgalodon existence is purely speculative and extinction is the best conclusion that can be reached. Show me the missing links. If they had, it would have been clear that the evidence presented was fake.


Our longtime MythBusters editor put together this cut of Adam driving through 14 years of series history just for you. We are still technologically too young of a Species to explore most of our own ocean. Imagine a 16ft shark weighing 50 ton and with the ability to swim at significant speeds finding it self in a net. TV-Series I have seen: It turns out that sharks actually know when a hurricane is approaching, and how to get out of danger quickly.


It is indeed the classical line, but it is a line of logical hogwash. Everybody was too beautiful, too young, and spoke too clear english.

Could Megalodon Chomp a Whale? – Shark Week | Discovery

By making Mythnusters the way they did and using it to kick off Shark Week, they traded integrity for publicity. During the Pleistocene there was a period of time when the earth went from being warm and into a ice age this accounts for why the earth lost most of its mega fauna.

Scientists are not always right, true, but to use that to reject the well-supported hypothesis that C megalodon is extinct is not terribly reasonable. Entire species live in the ocean on the biomass of dead whales. Did the MythBusters ever think the show would last as long as it did?

No shark scientist in the world thinks that there is any truth to the idea that Megalodon is still alive.