The car will veer towards SeNa and kill her. They made such a big deal about park ha’s mom and then they don’t show us what is happening with that dynamic and SeNa. One too many near deaths for my taste. What exactly did Park Ha read in that History Book? Why you are not doing a recap for Scent of a Woman? Se Na gets redemption AND gets punishment. This entire thread has me rolling. Yi Gak tells them what he wants:

I would be so grateful. It’s so sad that this drama had so much potential to work with in terms of the joseon mystery and the reincarnation of second lives I’m guessing now we’ll see Yi Gak as the mysterious shoe in the doorway and the guy who pulled Chi San in the tent to tell him that there is a hermit who saw the murder. King Flower Substitute Princess: Guzal Tursunova Supporting Cast. The ducklings have taken over the task of tracking down that black box, and bring it back to Yi Gak for review. So he brings her inside and tucks her into bed right next to him. As the loving sister she was, shouldn’t she come to the Palace and try comforting LG?

Spjork May 18, at 7: I watch with english subs and it had me going WTH? Cast – Rooftop Prince. The time-warp fits better in the context of sending him to safety in a moment of mortal peril, which makes a LOT more myysoju than Fate deciding he needs to solve a murder case. The clothes were Hwa Yong’s I don’t know why but its such an old drama tactic on getting the heroine screwed but not to the eposode where she gets killed yet? Why did the writers put Park Ha as mysojuu one to be killed at the car crash.

Like seriously Bak Ha?! This episode was do lame. If I die, could I be forgiven? From that moment, I believe Buyong was the one who drowned in that pond.


Always when I read I get a different take or understand things better. Your article has truly peaked my interest.

Please, can you recap baby-faced beauty. Florentine Lily May 17, at 8: En En Koh May 17, at 9: I’m so pissed of they gave them the second chance. Evidently the writers had ran out of “smart” ideas on how to extend the 16 ep drama to 20 ep. Your email address will not be published.

Roofop the investigation for grandma’s murder.

Rootop Prince | Hug from Panda

Cruelsummer May 18, at 6: Me thinks Lee Tae-seong needssomeactinglessons. Tae-mu has no rebuttal, and so Tae-yong is named the new CEO after all. I encountered a few recap blogs and websites, yet yours is still the best. I know this one of your top drama……. But how would Chairman Pyo explain where the impostor who had posed as the bespectacled TaeYoung disappeared?

You really make my week when I see a new chapter posted!

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I want you to come live with me now” “I’m sorry, but I can’t. We get one new clue. Thanks for the prnice Yi Gak vows to reveal the crime and make him pay. Then I came here to read what I missed I never got the impression that he was in love with Bu-young, but they did seem to get along well together in their one Joseon scene, and maybe he’s now drawing parallels in his head between her and Park-ha so will be more open to pairing up with her when he returns to his own time. Hope the writers can come up with a good ending.

J a p a n e s e m o v i e s

The couple scenes were sweet, but the impact of Park Ha’s sacrifice was weakened because by then I just want something new to happen.


I didn’t like this episode either. Annis May 20, at 2: Can you please recap this Chinese Drama: Turtle is the time jump conductor and no I won’t give up on the turtle. Rich Man, Poor Woman: I’m gonna listen to “Beautiful Day” again to get in a better mood, then watch a drama that hasn’t squandered all of it’s potential.

Please repair so i can get my DTLY goodness! If you can, can you add this on your recapping list as I really love how you put the emotions into writing that you could rolftop let me, as a reader, imagination work.

I understand why Park-Ha might have fallen for her lies in this episode Se Na looked like she wanted redemption but taking her previous actions into consideration, I wouldn’t let her near my house. Se Na has the combination numbers to the lock. Thanks for all the other recaps unnie! Soyb May 18, at In her defense, the will was drafted while Tae-yong was still missing, and the lawyer points out that the clause is moot since Tae-yong is sitting right here.

Yi Gak mulls over the case in his mind, so distracted that Park-ha teases him to get his attention. Koala, Have you ever thought about translating Eastern Palace? Then watched ep1 again and wow! While I did cry over da mo Yao as well, the aftertaste still has twinge of sweetness but yun Zhong ge episdoe just too bitter and hard to swallow.