But running away had never been a solution, not when Arthur’s life is in danger. Saya pun baru tengok. Secret’s out by Aaronna reviews Chapter 1: He just wanted it to stop. He thought so when he learned of the prejudice against magic. Warnings for forced addiction, drugging, withdrawal, bodily harm, abuse, slavery, blood, just basically be warned Disclaimer: Part 1 is “Hungry for Magic” Merlin – Rated:

K – English – Family – Chapters: Nightmare by Diarmuid2 reviews A chance Encounter with an young northern raider and his father leads to some trouble for Merlin in the way of death curse. Merlin, Arthur POV, reveal! Merlin whump, angst, protective Arthur Merlin – Rated: La regina del passato e del futuro. La maledizione di Morgana. A naughty word by kessilover reviews One shot.

Will Merlin be able to figure put what is wrong before it is to late? But magic is magic, and Merlin is magic, and that englizh what Arthur needs. Will he trust Merlin, his best friend, and now After a tremendous battle Arthur is forced to meet his deadliest enemy, his sister.

Contains characters from other Arthurian works. Reckless by Val-Creative reviews Thunder begins to crash outside. The secret that Merlin fought so hard to keep from Arthur was callously revealed, and Merlin could do nothing but watch as his walls are broken down.

Merlin – Arthur is a donkey!?

Arthur is a low-level paper pusher with a desk in the sub-basement of MI5. Time Was – Merlin reacts and englis to Arthur’s return. All the other Kingdoms have tried and failed to gain the trust of the ruthless warrior race. Merlin Season 5 Bluray p pahe.

Arthur has seen Merlin perform magic and is out for his blood.


K – English – Family – Chapters: But he cannot do it alone. Alator investigates why Emrys is failing his destiny, and plans to teach the king subtittles lesson in loyalty. And the silence had a very good reason to be there.

The Drawing of the Dark by TreeOfLife reviews After Freya arrives in Camelot and disaster strikes, Merlin finds himself torn between loyalty and love as Mordred, having saved the life of one Merlin holds dear, is about to pay the ultimate price.

Not surprisingly, things go awry quite quickly from there.

He also knew that his love and devotion belonged to someone before Camelot. Rated ‘T’ for some violence, minor coarse language. Oh, and Merlin is an incurable chess nerd and it has nothing to do with Arthur suddenly deciding to play chess. Merlin S 01 E Morgana refuses the water Merlin offers her. Many more chapters to come.

Subtitles For Merlin

La gentilezza degli sconosciuti. In Merlin’s defense, Arthur hadn’t been wearing his wedding band that night at the bar. After Merlin with Arthur return from their journey, dragons suddenly start attacking Camelot and there’s no doubt the dragon dagger plays a very important role in the hands of the enemy. It brings nothing but suffering! Kingdom Games by wryter reviews Part 1: L’ultimo signore dei draghi. He begins to reevaluate his feelings, however, when Arthur proves to be someone englush different than Merlin had originally thought.

Sometimes, Merlin dreams by Minkey reviews Sometimes, Merlin dreams. Penumbra A Suvtitles for Midwinter by A. Edited from original posting on fanfiction.

Diamond reviews Arthur Pendragon, smug asshole businessman, manages to be unlike any asshole businessman Merlin’s dealt with as night manager of one of New York’s finest five star engilsh. Arthur and Merlin are clueless, and the Knights are tired of their bullsh t Renewed By Love by wryter reviews Arthur knows and welcomes and appreciates Merlin as his personal sorcerer – and under his reign, Camelot has slowly come to accept the inevitable return of magic.


Man’s true worth is in the memories they make by Forever Cullen reviews The people of Camelot do not always see everyone as equal that is until people start to change. Updated with Ch 2: But then three of the druids decide to take matters into their hands, and kidnap Prince Arthur Forgiveness by the-defenestration-of-smaug reviews When Arthur discovers Merlin’s magic, Merlin is forced to flee Camelot.

But most of all, they kept quiet about a lone child’s plights and secrets. Worth Saving by Silverstar reviews “‘I believe you’re worth saving, even if you don’t. He could definitely do that.

The story behind the plea “Stay with me. It focuses a lot on in between events. Three such women find their way into the lives of our favorite heroes. Arthur is pushing thirty, in a dead-end job with no chances of promotion to fieldwork agent, and is thoroughly bored with his life.

Arthur faces kingship without Merlin at his side. At least until he met merlih young man who breathed wonder and abruptly turned such monotony into excellence itself.