Starring Aiden Gillen Batman: The show resembles The Office it was made by the creators of the American version insofar as it is filmed “mockumentary” style and has a deluded Gareth-like character Tom who thinks he can talk to women. Why not add murderer to the list? He was the son of Mark, who was the town’s most popular plumber, judging by the number of people greeting him as he joshed his way down the high street in an unwitting homage to An American in Paris. Did cornershop owner David Bradley do it with 50 pence of sherbet lemons? Spooks star Peter Firth has revealed that there are plans to take the spy drama to the big screen. More exercise, suggested the vet.

Hadn’t realised the last one aired tonight. Mar 8, 7. You must log in or sign up to reply here. And maybe they did. There are four primary suspects but in the absence of a Marple or Poirot figure the audience are left to do the investigative work themselves. Perhaps he had ambushed Hattie and buried her beneath his birdwatcher’s hide in the woods Malcolm was that rare creature, a ruthless despoiler of the environment with a fondness for wildlife. Plus he has a mysterious bag locked in a cupboard. It gave us invention and flair and good acting throughout, but the denouement — which looked like a warning against last-minute packing, with stuff forgotten and bits of plot still sticking out of the sides — relied too much on pagan whimsy to satisfy those expecting a more orthodox arrangement of punishment and reward.

A full series was commissioned in December, with Game of Thrones and Misfits star Rheon now joining the cast. The Linus money bit I assume is some kind of internet scandal, perhaps even a sexcam or something similar, there was that webcam scene in the first episode.

Fergies Gum Full Member Joined: Jul 27, Messages: The pebbles are a figment of Caitlin’s imagination, no other character has seen a pebble fall on Caitlin so my best guess is she’s going maydxy bit mentally unhinged due to the stress of the situation. And maybe they did. The five part drama was based around a straightforward topic — the murder of a young woman.

Topics Drama Observer TV reviews. The events thereafter were handled in a rather unusual manner. It wasn’t long before his tweet reached the ears of a Fleet Street hack Vicky McClurewho duly turned up to sniff the air. The latest episode of the Hulu drama, ” First Blood ,” more than lives up to the billing, as the resistance force known as Mayday finally inflicts massive damage upon the oppressive Gilead regime.


It would have mattered less had a year-old girl not gone missing on her bike that bright morning, floating along in the familiar slow motion of the doomed — a fair Queen of the May in her floral crown and ribbons and diaphanous skirts a-blowing.

How much can we uncover about the show’s next chapter? Then he could have been involved with killing the girl and not remember it either but I would hate that if it’s like that, as there’s been nothing previously to suggest he is a bit mental that I can remember. I’m thinking he must have played a part in the murder and would also explain why Seth described Hattie as an Evil girl.

Peter Firth ‘s Malcolm was the obvious suspect after an intense feud with Hattie, but after killing himself midway through the series, he looks likely to be a red herring. I don’t think Linus is involved, otherwise why would he be suspecting his father of doing it unless he’s gone a bit mental. ITV’s eight-part drama Broadchurch kicked off on a less fanciful note, with an year-old boy found strangled at the foot of a cliff overlooking the sea.

Mayday – BBC Drama

More exercise, suggested the vet. During the ceremony, one Plus he has a mysterious bag locked in a cupboard. Each of the suspects had an accuser but as the show progressed you began to wonder if the real villains were the accused or their accusers. Mar 8, 7. June is taken into a mysterious van and carted off to a mysterious future somewhere else. I’ve been picking up some Twin Episods vibes from the show, the acting at times is a little exaggerated but it’s still a decent enough drama!

Watch the title sequence for. The twist with Fiona however was very well done, that was very good and caught me off guard.

BBC One – Mayday, Episode 5

Luckily, Acorn media have served up another platter of top notch dramas for you to acquire this holiday season. Harold Pinter called Gillen “dangerous” when he was in The Caretakerwhich is damning evidence. Love and betrayal were more maydday felt than revenge or justice despite the noise of vigilantes in the streetleaving the girl as little more than a whodunnit to be fathomed by Thursday.


He’d been out until the small hours the night before when his son had vanished — “on a job”, as episodee tersely explained to his wife, as if no further explanation were necessary, because obviously plumbing is almost episkde being in the fire service.

Firth previously told the website that he would have liked a happier outcome for his character’s unspoken love for Ruth Evershed Nicola Walkerwho died in the series finale. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb’s opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. If you haven’t watched this show then I suggest you catch it on iPlayer, link below: Excellent mini-series, disappointed in the way the killer epksode found out, that was the only let down for me.

And wasn’t this the same Hattie whose protest group had scuppered Malcolm’s plan to dig up the village episoe for an upscale housing estate and left him malicious, drinking too much and brooding over a scale model of the aborted project, complete with its tiny effigy of a girl hanging from a tree?

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Firth, who played MI5 boss Harry Pearce in the show, said that mayady script by its original writers is currently doing the rounds. Mar 7, 2. Linus’s Dad is another strange one, maybe he killed Hattie and his wife.

In this case, though, we don’t have to wonder endlessly. The show resembles The Office it was made by the creators of the American version insofar as it is filmed “mockumentary” style and has a deluded Gareth-like character Tom who thinks he can talk to women. Did cornershop owner David Bradley do it with 50 pence of sherbet lemons?