Amar warns her and says even ur shadow should not know what ur doing and no one should have any doubt that she is part of RKs team but working for amar.. Madhu asks RK to open his eyes.. RK says that whenever he comes close to Madhu,she makes him feel like someone else! The pandit asks them to put the rings on! Paddo shows the Mangalsutra Madhu is wearing of RKs name He shakes Mukkus hand!

Dips blows a flying kiss to RK and says my Hero..! She tells Paddo that she forgot to welcome Mukkus mom to the filmy family! Padmini Shamsher Malik ji.. Mehul says action and RK-Madhu walk towards each other..! Trish teases Mukku and Madhu while dancing! Madhu asks Pabho why she cannot swear? Someone clicks their pic!

Bittu writgen on and says he is getting confused about what RK wants? Madhu falls in RKs arms! RK will scream in pain and Anamika will smile!

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Doc comes n asks to keep silence! They say maybe it could be a stunt too.!

Madhu notices blood on her hand.! Roma is drinking and joins Trish to dance! Pabho glares at her.!

Mukkus sis is dazed seeing RK so he twirls her! Menu twitter facebook google rss linkedin dribbble pinterest.


Mehul asks about Madhu and Bittu says. RK says its a dialogue from his film! Mukku puts ring on Madhu!

God cannot make pair of RK-Chawl gal.! Second time shot is cut.! Mehul asks if RK read the shot? Madhu comes to Pabho and touches her feet!

RK is a great performer. Like 0 Dislike 0. Kuku fumes on Sikky.! Simmy is standing watching the shoot and so is the choreo.! Confused RK puts his feet on the staircase-handrest.

Bittu runs after RK! Madhu thinks its Mukku and epsiode she asks Mukku to leave as anyone can see and gossip and that she is coming out shortly!

RK asks Bittu why he is dancing so much? Precap — Doc says RK is critical.! Madhu asks Pabho to swear on RK that all that she made Madhu do was right?

Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 23rd July Written Update – Meelak

Sign in Recover your password. Pabho comes to Radha. Madhu asks RK to open his eyes. Madhu says ur forgetting. RK recollects his words that he din want the engagement at any cost! As Madhu starst to walk, her saree pallu is stuck in RKs watch! Mallik’ but she does not answer and she taunts if Paddo forgets her name at times? He asks Madhu not to worry.



Madhubala: Madhu, RK die

Anamika wont react like this.! She rushes to RK.! BG – Tu hi mahi mera. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. RK asks for Dips pic.

Madhu checks RKs writteb. Like 0 Dislike 0. Madhu looks at Mukku and Mukku looks at Madhu! Welcome, Login to your account. Madhu puts the ring on Mukku n RK smirks!

Pabho is pacing at the mansion hall recollecting Madhus words and says. RK says he is not happy and shows Madhu smiling and says she is happy and when the marraige will break, she will cry just as much!