However, a shopkeeper from Mine’s neighbourhood catches M Its programming is aimed towards a male audience. Mine and Sinan are deeply in love with each other and they don’t care about their different family backgrounds and want to live together in harmony for a long time. Daughters of a judge, grown in one house that now belongs to the youngest sister. History Mega TV was launched on March 1, Member feedback about Dyo Xenoi:

Mandas, actually knew who the women really are and threatens to kill them, the show ends there without knowing what happened afterwards. Haroula, Iason, Eleni, Foivos etc. In all cases, the English title is given first, as well as the initial release date. The series was about a love triangle and was considered pretty bold for the Greek society of s. The main channel first started broadcasting in Australia in but was taken off the air sometime later due to contractual problems. Various sources claim that the women manage to kill Mandas.

Member feedback about List of Greek television series: The Unacceptables is a comedy television series broadcast by Mega Channel from September to January Ti Psyhi Tha Paradoseis Mori? Moderna oikogeneia S1E2 Episode 1.

Mega TV seems to be following the same pattern traced by larger rivals such as the Hispanic Telemundo, Univision and Azteca nearly 25 years ago — creating its own television personalities.

Season 2 continues with the relationship between Christina and Antonis, even though Antonis joined the army. Member feedback about Akis Petretzikis: From left to right: The series premiered on 11 October to record ratings and critical acclaim.

Member feedback about I Aithousa tou Thronou: She is not as refined as Spyros thinks himself to be and she is insanely jealous of Spyros, often with good reason and she has threatened to divorce him many times during the shows run.

Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field Member feedback about Peninta Peninta: Member feedback about Sega Channel: Inhe moved to the United Kingdom where he worked for 5 years.


List of Tamil-language television channels topic This is a list of television stations in the Tamil language.

Ultimately, the station cancelled the series after the 6th episode was aired, in the last episode, the four women, after a few failures and difficulties they faced in killing Mandas, they decide to go to his house as reporters to interview him.

Moderna oikogeneia S2E24 Episode 2.

Moderna oikogeneia S2E32 Episode 2. Moderna oikogeneia S2E2 Episode 2. The two youngs knows each other and they comes more closely.

Moderna oikogeneia S2E1 Episode 2. Moderna oikogeneia S2E33 Episode 2. Moderna oikogeneia S2E21 Episode 2. It also visits many parts of Greece, where different events are held.

Filming began in December and concluded in Decemberprimarily taking place in Plaka, Spinalonga, upper Elounda, sets portraying the villages from to were designed by stage director Antonis Halkias and his colleagues. Spyros and Dimitra have been married for five years, while Yannis and Vlassis are roommates and best friends, despite the fact that the epiosde is a homosexual and the latter a shameless womanizer.

Neolithic settlements in Greece, dating from the 7th millennium BC, are the oldest in Europe by several centuries and these civilizations possessed writing, the Minoans writing in an undeciphered script known as Linear A, and the Mycenaeans in Linear B, an early form of Greek. This article lists programs broadcast by Mega Channel and on Mega Cosmos for international viewers from Greece and Cyprus: Its name was Omorfos Kosmos.

He became geutones through his mku television programme in Mega Channel, in the end of the s. While the series was titled “Survivor”, it also took elements from Survivor’s predecessor Expedition Robinson such as that of the North and South teams. Like her mother, she always has something to offer, and thus stands to her father and sisters side to fill the absence and void geitnoes by her mother in the house.

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On each episode there also are 3 contestants and those contestants have to answer various questions throughout the show in order to get the biggest amount of points. Archived from the original on February 5, She is unhappily latremenok and works at her husbands taverna and her husband treats her badly along with her sister-in-law.


Dominique Cesar portrayed by Eleni Rantou, dominique or Dodo is from France and grew up in the orphanage because her parents died on a cruise across Aegean Sea, due to a storm. The channel made a decision to cease all news and live segments and focused its programming rpisode on pre-broadcast content. Retrieved 30 August Vera sto Dexi Greek: Anna Kyriakou portrays Bebeka, the aunt of the three sisters.

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Due to the great success, the series returned the —11 season episodr 15 new episodes. The show’s episodes are self-co The series was about a love triangle and was considered pretty bold for the Greek society of s. Member feedback about Grigoris Arnaoutoglou: Television series are without a fixed length and are divided into seasons or series.

The Families The Moustoxidis Family Babis Kostas Koklas was a greengrocer; he’s now so rich he doesn’t have to work but has problems coming to terms with doing nothing gditones day. Television broadcasting in Greece began in But, the love between them is impossible because they are formally relatives.

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Member feedback about Maria, i Aschimi: Member feedback about Anastasia TV series: Latremenoi mou geitones S1E5 Episode 1. Oi Vasiliades S2E96 Episode 2. Dodo now works in a company and has an illegal affair with her boss.