English dub is like a English version of a show and anime love is people that like watching Japanese animation so i think you mean anime fans that love English dub en … glish versions. Some of these links are in Japanese will be noted. What is an English dub love anime? They also have good character development,pretty art styles and music. Neither are super original, but both keep to well formed stories and character developments. Read recommendations by 10 more users. Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

Meiji Kenkaku Romantan add permalink. The anime is Kaze no Stigma! Focus on eyes and power surrounding eyes. Though I haven’t used it myself, it’s another option. The male MCs are pretty strong and have some sort of sad background and with the help of the female MC they are overcoming it little by little. They both have to fight against the ‘bad guys’ and they both have special abilities to do with the elements. What is an English dub love anime?

Another common thing about both of shows are Akane and Ayano both have dads who want to push them to fall in love with the lead guy. The main character has issues with the main girl. Shakugan no Shana add permalink. Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan add permalink. Both the girls have abilities of their own, while they might be less than that of the main guys 4.

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It’s somewhat aime if your bandwidth cap is low, however. First off the main heroine is voiced by the same voice actor. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Plot is also somewhat similar.


Tokyo Underground add permalink Both of these series involve the characters having elemental super powers such as fire, noo, wind and etc. Princess Tutu add permalink If you like stories with a headstrong guy and tsundere girl who have to team up to fight for a cause then you will definitely like Princess Tutu!

Shura no Toki add permalink. How far will you go to protect your loved ones? Both deal with evil spirits like yoma, and hollows.

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Hidan no Aria add permalink. Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari add permalink.

The guys are both older with no talent that are super badass when they get older their family ignores them and their dads totally disowns them when their little kids. Since no one wants to give a straight answer, I suppose I will. I love them both. But it is later revealed that they are a lot more powerful than they seem.

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Also, he later comes back for revenge against those who mistreated him. Both of these have a strong protagonist right from the start of the anime. Both kzze involved in magic. Kuro no Keiyakusha add permalink The main characters Hei and Kazuma are both contractors and the others also have some extra-ordinary powers which other people don’t have. Kaze no Stigma focuses on the main male character with a calm and independent mind, who helps his partner complete there goal.

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Shinmai Maou no Testament add permalink. Download it if you haven’t already. No matter if it is action or magic or horror – for me – Anime has to have love and romance.

Both are really similar: Both guys are not in good terms with fream fathers. Rather then romance, you can tell there’s a lot of caring between the characters despite their stubborn attitudes.


The action in both shows are quality and the stories are unique and enjoyable. Become a member Signup or login to join the conversation. The main girl uses a magical sword to fight and is always teasing and fighting with the anjme guy.

Darker than black is a lot more serious in tone in comparison to Kaze No Stigma, but it’s still a fun watch if you’re into cool action sequences. Red-head sword-wielding tsundere girl, cool guy who’s very skilled and eventually rushes on the female character, a cute character, demons, spirit contracts, other supernatural powers, even a similar art style! Touma with his Imagine Breaker and Kazuma with his affinity to fire. Fairy Tail add permalink.

Because anime is serious business. One involves fairies, the other natural elements. Both anime’s have supernatural powers. Both series deals with power of fire as a tool of destruction. They also have good character development,pretty fream styles and music. The similarities are pretty obvious.

Majutsushi Orphen add permalink. How far can they go? Night Wizard add permalink. They tend to live a solitary life, but the anime will force them to cooperate with people to solve mysteries. Kazuma and Kzae both behave in the very same way.