On the day of the concert, Kanon is again nowhere to be found, and Keima knows it is time to go to the final stage of his plans to capture Kanon’s heart. Keima knows why Kanon fears being unnoticed, telling her not to seek attention as proof as an idol, since her hard work to become one was the proof all along. Realizing there’s a connection between Diana and the spirits, she reveals she was the one who sealed the spirits in Hell. Keima’s is bewildered when Ayumi is no longer angry and leaves but not before telling him to be nice to Chihiro. Deducing that the spirit feeds on negative emotions, Keima leads Haqua to the school theater, the most depressing place on campus. There, Apollo reveals she cannot leave now as she stopping the power of the Weiss from spreading the city but can only do so for three more days. Unexpectedly, Yui has come to Keima’s home to ask him out. Shiori tries to give her opinion to the committee but is too shy to speak up.

As Keima and Elsie follow Mio to her home, they are surprised to learn Mio was poor as she lives in a shabby apartment. Shiori tries to think on how to thank him but fumbles in her words while thanking him. The next day after that, Keima introduces himself to Shiori and talks about the library, now that she is speaking normally to him. Chihiro at first wants to give up on the club idea but when Kanon comes back to school to take her tests and tells the band that she will be performing for the school fall dance festival, she changes her mind and wants the band to be on stage together with Kanon. Unexpectedly, Yui has come to Keima’s home to ask him out. However, this injury was realized to be a fake since she has doubted her confidence. As the library committee enters the library, Shiori finally speaks up for herself and explains her reasons which the committee agrees to have a meeting.

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By the time he finds Chihiro on a ship, she confesses that she started liking him for also being disappointed with the real world. Alone with Tenri, Diana corrects Keima that she is not a spirit. As Haqua reveals to Keima that all of his past conquests where captured by Vintage after they correctly suspect the Goddesses were hiding in them, Ayumi heads home as Nora offers her assistance to watch her. When Keima and Elsie learn about this, Keima finds his next target difficult since he is aware that a teacher cannot easily fall in love with a student unless they eventually see each other as equals.

An even more depressed Keima locks himself in his room for days until he decides to come back to school but refusing to speak with anyone. The next day, Keima and Elsie meet Mio, now without any memories of Keima, who has a change of attitude and has accepted her family’s status and burns incense for her late father. Knowing he must awaken Mercurius inside of Ayumi so the goddesses combine powers can stop Vintage, Keima heads to Ayumi’s home with Haqua and Chihiro, who overheard his plans.

Outside, Keima spots Yui who has been following him and much to his discomfort, Yui is hitting on him despite knowing Keima’s a playboy and wants him to crossdress as a girl.


Keima tries to talk with Ayumi but her anger and Chihiro being there doesn’t help. Kanon and Apollo put their faith on him and grow their wings before he returns home.

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Back in New Hell, Lune searches for more information about Haqua. Instead, she becomes fascinated on a book about fire trucks. Kanon returns to the stadium and receives letters of congratulations for her progress thus far from shriu two dekai bandmates, Yuri and Lime.

However, they managed to escape and hide in the hearts of young girls, by which the spirit hunters are tasked to capture them before they are reincarnated as demonic children. To accomplish this without incident, Elsie disguises herself as Kanon and Keima tricks his mother to go to South America. It is revealed Dokuro Skull shiur to arrest Haqua or Vintage would have killed her so now she frees her and tells Haqua to help Keima and stop Vintage’s plans.

Haqua explains the spirits are the souls of the demons who were overthrown and sealed by demons who opposed their wicked ways. Elsie’s detects a spirit inside Tenri, but Keima isn’t interested and just wants to play games.

Together with his intelligence and knowledge of the dating sim genre and Elsie’s magical episore, Keima is about to 11 on his greatest challenge. But their music is horrible and needs more practice; Elsie suggests forming a light music club after viewing an anime about oami.

There, Keima and Elsie discover that inside Point Rock is a lair where Vintage are raising Weiss in eggs to be reborn. When she looks for more books about fire trucks, she asks one of the librarians, Shiori Shiomiya and detects a spirit inside epiaode her. Part 1 of the Tenri Arc. Realizing Kanon has a goddess inside of her, he drags her away from everyone, only for Apollo to take over Kanon and run away, believing Keima is an innocent bystander. Elsie is glad to meet her friend Haqua, a genius who was one of the best students in their class and is now the section chief of her division.

Elsie is angry that Keima called her useless for making his “lunch”, due to episodf bizarre ingredients that are still alive. Despite what she did, Elsie embraces her, still looking up to her as the greatest spirit hunter in her eyes. Since he never considered her feelings and focused primarily on the confession, Keima decides to make amends in order to capture her heart. Reunited, Diana and Vulcanus combine their powers to remove the cursed dagger but Apollo turns Kanon’s body into a liquid state as a preservation measure.

However, she is inadvertently sucked into a spirit capturing bottle belonging to her friend and fellow spirit hunter named Haqua du Lot Herminium. Kanon reveals to him she still remembers her time with him and declares she loves him much to their class’ shock.

Keima must find a way to make girls fall in love with him in order to force these spirits out, or else both of them will be killed by the magical collars on their necks if the contract is broken.

Meanwhile, Kanon is preparing for her school tests, but ends up talking with her split personality, Apollo, who claims to be a goddess. As she inquires his crossdressing and eat at a Ramen shop, Shiori tells Keima that she wants to make a story of him.


Keima kisses Mio and the spirit from her body is captured by Elsie. As she flies to the roof and confronts the spirit, she sings her songs which turns her body back to normal and weakens the spirit which Elsie is able to capture it. Hoping to find a way back to the mainland, they went into a tunnel under the ship where Tenri falls for Keima due to his bravery and giving her his lunch.

Succumbing to her pity for his injury, Tsukiyo kisses Keima whereupon she grows wings. Ka,i admits from her feminine side that she enjoyed her date with Keima despite her earlier denial. Keima congratulates Elsie on a good job, leading her to buy both Keima and Haqua lunch to celebrate.

At the harbor, Keima tell Ayumi he will honestly tell the truth if wekai ask anything before continuing their wedding. An article about “Crayon” reveals a rumor that someone managed to get the ending, hinting that Keima was able to finish the game.

With his five suspects, Keima must now make them fall in love with him again which will fuel the goddesses’ powers and determine if they’re a host.

After overcoming their embarrassments of doing so, the feminine side finally detaches from her and the two go head to head to fight for dominance. However, Haqua is arrested by Public Safety which she later learns to her shock from Nora that Vintage have also infiltrated the highers ups and Dokuro Skull was the one who ordered her arrest.

As the credits roll, Keima’s past conquest enjoy the festival while the Goddesses spread their wings which only Chihiro sees. Included in the end is a short animated prologue which introduces Elsie and her induction as a spirit hunter.

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Since Keima is the only one to know her secret, he can use it to get closer with her. After Keima helps complete her report, Haqua purposely changes the event of when they had arrived at the theater, saying that he clung to her instead of the other way around. Nora, who is known to force spirits out from humans by violent means, reads Tenri mind and thinks Keima is the cause of her possession and plans to kill him.

At the ball, Mio is upset that Keima brought them to the mansion gardens, but Keima gets her to teach him how to dance.

Keima knows why Kanon fears being unnoticed, telling her not to seek attention as proof as an idol, since her hard work to become one was the proof all along. Keima soon discovers by chance that Chihiro now has a crush on a boy named Yuta. Relieved, Kanon passes out and later wakes up to find herself back in the studio. The goddess Minerva involuntarily reveals herself to Keima and immediately reverts to Shiori as Keima rewards her hard work with a kiss on the cheek, causing her to grow wings.