Christian doesn’t let his cystic fibrosis, or the double lung transplant he had four years earlier slow him down. He gave countless trips to auctions for different charities. Jose Wejebe and the crew travel to Ecuador and the remote islands of the Galapagos to experience the famed natural wonders of the volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. Jose takes a quick trip south deep into the Brazilian rainforest to one of the many tributaries of the Amazon, for swimming with piranha, and catching crocodiles and anacondas. Most guides were either flats guides or offshore guides. Still approaching fishing as an adventure and exploration, the series visited both exotic and domestic locations and always kept an eye towards new and cutting edge techniques in both fishing and the filming.

Things have changed down here in the Florida Keys. The only reason he went: Spanish Fly Episodes Buy and download digital episodes. His true passion was being on the water everyday, so Jose decided to fulfill his dream and became a full-time guide. One relationship he developed and loved was with Christian Goodpastor. A Star Is Born 7.

Even more impressive is this fishery is all sight fishing with topwater lures. Caleb and Jacob show Jose the ancient Japanese fky form of fish printing known as Gyotaku.

A Star Is Born 4. Captain Clark specializes in offshore blue marlin fishing, and Jose looks to end his “blue marlin black cloud.

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This new approach to fishing shows included Jose on camera walking down the streets of Key West talking about his life as a guide. Jose takes longtime friend Ken Davis fishing in Key West after he returned briefly from Iraq, where he is a civilian contractor. Fans felt moved and connected to Jose. Celebration — Show Descriptions. Jose Wejebe masters the Florida Keys and takes fishing to a new spanizh up and down the Keys.

The first show was something the fishing television world had never seen. Jose continues his exciting day of fishing further into the Gulf of Mexico with an eccentric family of fishtafarian artists who unveil their one-of-a-kind metal sculpture inspired by their adventure with Jose.

Jose Wejebe is spanisb for the impact he had on the fishing community. Kite boarding became a popular recreational activity around Key West and Jose was not going to be left behind.

El Salvador, Ecuador, and Costa Rica before everyone went there were just some of the destinations. The sinking of the USS Hoyt Vandenberg was a project 13 years in the making and now the centerpiece for a two-part series; Jose takes project manager Joe Weatherby on a fishing trip that will teach us all about the advantages of artificial reefs. Jose, his mother and sister fled to the Swedish embassy for safety and stayed there until papers were set for asylumin the US.


Many people have moved, many epizodes without homes; some are still living […]. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Continuing to follow the Vandenberg story as the ship spamish its career above water and begins a new life underwater; we explore the metamorphosis that takes place as the ship becomes a part of the undersea environment. Jose and the crew continue their incredible adventure on the remote islands of the Galapagos, hunting the majestic striped marlin that cruise the waters offshore.

The story features two brothers who winter in the region; “Bear” wjeebe at the helm with Jose. This became an ongoing occurrence throughout the series: His time working “hand and fin” with dolphins and spanis lions only increased his fascination and desire to learn more about the world under the water.

The incredible expedition to the Seychelles and the remote atolls spajish the Indian Ocean comes to a close. Filled with the right combination of stunning footage and story telling, Vida Del Mar quickly became another huge success.

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With Jose’s soft-spoken and articulate onscreen presence, Spanish Fly created the perfect mix of technique, entertainment value, breath taking scenery and a type of story telling communicated in Jose’s signature laid-back style. Shortly after take off Jose’s plane crashed in Everglades City.

It was on one of these first trips Jose meets lifelong friend Carter Andrews and Jose discovers a school of baitfish pilchards that he uses in the FL Keys. The behind the scenes stories of getting gear around the world and covering the action were events in themselves, and not always safe events.

Tacklebox Tips, Tricks and Jose’s favorite gear. The native cly were good, but none had been exposed to some of the new styles of light tackle and fly-fishing that the American tourists were wanting. Join Rimmer Covington and Eric Newman as they go offshore to the first place Rimmer took Jose 10 years ago to catch the diverse species of the northern Gulf of Mexico.

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Spanish Fly Big-water fishing adventures captained by colorful Florida fishing guide Jose Wejebe, who would incorporate classical guitar into his excursions, from the Florida Keys episoes locales like Venezuela, Costa Rica or Brazil. Sunday we are doing a fishforjose photo contest with awards and wrap party at Saltwater Angler.

From a young age, a fascination with the ocean led him to write letters to his latter mentors Stu Apte, Flip Pallot and Lefty Crey. At age eight, his father first took him out on the waters of Biscayne Bay and taught him to fish.


In his early teensJose purchased his first boat with the money he earned working at a gas station.

Best of moments from 16 seasons of the Spanish fly framed by the story of Jose Wejebe and the friends and family we shared the adventures with. There are incredible best of moments during all of his trips to Louisiana.

His mother purchased him a mask and fins.

Jose was the only person in the plane, and did not survive. Jerry who had previously filmed several tournaments with Jose in the Keys, felt he would be a perfect host for the new network. Jose travels to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to host a fishing tournament and spend some episodds with troops fishing in the waters surrounding the GITMO naval base.

He felt by teaching viewers by example and bringing more people into the sport of fishing, they would take better care of the environment in which they enjoy. When everywhere else is iced up, the fishing is smoking hot, as the gulfstream flows close to the shallow water reefs bringing up tons of pelagic offshore fish like tuna, mahi mahi, sailfish and hammerheads. Every Do not wejbee Month s Year s for times “0” means no end date.

Hopedale, Louisiana, was left for gone after Hurricane Katrina, but those days are long gone and the recreational fishing business is the best it’s ever been. Spanish Fly Episodes Buy and download episoodes episodes. Coincidentally, Flip Pallot, who was then episoes South Florida banker, financed Jose’s first professional guide boat at age eighteen.

Be the first to know when show schedules, tips and videos are posted! Into The Blue 3. If ever there is a team effort sport, this is it,” says Jose.

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The adventure turns challenging as a tropical depression begins to form and tough decisions have to be made on where and how to fish. Then Crooked Island in the Bahamas enters the story: By being proactive and paying his dues in time and hard work, Jose earned the respect of the industry.

For several years he worked full-time at the Miami Seaquarium, starting as a diver, then moved up to working flh and training marine mammals.