Somebody please tell me the details about dates, timings, ticket bookings and etc. Ghulaam 26th May Episode Written Update. Nk asks Arnav, where were you? Khushi asks Garima, why Dadi is saying all this? Buaji signals Payal to go to Khushi. Nani says, my daughter and goes to her and hugs her. How can you marry Khushi?

You lied to me? Arnav says, biggest truth is that I love Khushi a lot. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is making a comeback in our lives, and people can hardly contain themselves. Nani does aarti of Khushi and Arnav. And i am really appreciate your effort. Everyone is searching for Arnav, but he is no where there.

Unseen Arnav Khushi Pics.

She says, there is still some smoke left in fire. Nk requests her to stop it. Payal says, why are you bothering my sister? By seeing movie person experiences refreshment from their day to day life. Bepannah 27th November Episode Written Update.

She says, I am telling you something happened to Arnav. Useful quotes and messages thanks for sharing. Arnav says, I was searching for answers. Dadi says, but all this that Garima did. Khushi stops her and oo, your elder of this house and without your blessings I… Dadi says, blessings and to you? Happy happy new year. Garima tells dont punish my daughters for my sin.

Nk says, whatever kind kss tradition it is.


Everyone seems very happy. Anjali tells Episodf this moment is the most apprehensive, only a small time left and they will be together.

Manorama interferes and says, you should go to your home. I understand your feelings. Anjali is helping with preparation, NK is fast asleep and everyone is trying to wake him up, Payal asks if he watched all the hindi films. I think I need it! And it was all because of you Garima.

They starts is pheres and everyone throws flowers on them, some happily mostly everyone. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He says, for me only you matter. How will Arnav face all these… Akash tells everything will be fine.

Khushi & Arnav (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon)

Soul Mate Ishqbaaz Fanfic. Khushi seems very happy and is smiling big. Buaji tells him that he should get married, NK gets a shock. Nani says, my daughter and goes to her and hugs her. She is broken now. Khushi says, he will definitely come, buaji. Now incidents when he got kidnapped come in front of his eyes. Buaji says, why are you not understanding?

Nani now asks Dadi about Arnav. Arnav is not going to come now. Priest asks them to stand up now for pheres. Arnav finally gets the chance to speak to Khushi, he asks if she is okay.


That woman who took away everything from our family, how can I even let her shadow be on this family? I am a mother in end. Blood is coming out from his head.


Garima and Buaji are forcing now Khushi to get up, but she says no. Dadi continues with her prayers and does not answer. She says, you should never hurt to someone that loves you and whom you love as well. Subscribe Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Now Khushi kicks a rice pot, puts her legs in red colored. Now what you have to do is your own decision.

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And on the other hand, he is thinking about that night he spent with Khushi. Dadi continues, it hurt me even more when my son and bahu committed suicide. Receive all updates via Facebook.