Meta [Happily never after] Maybe What’s wrong with that? And that is why we all love Cha Don! Her wink at the end clinched it for me. Nothing to Lose — He plays up the small talk and Chief Yang furiously shushes the president until he finally finds the bug hidden in the fish head. All I can say His criminal activities started with vengeance that I most likely would have supported seeing as how he was a victim in the beginning.

This astute deduction earns him praise from Se-kwang. Now that there are way less prosecution scenes I’m actually liking this show. His prosecutors should aim to be one of three characteristics: I can’t wait for it all to unravel, she deserves some revenge. It takes Cha-don a good minute to swallow the double whammy of an enormous debt and the return of his pseudo family. It’s refreshing to see a “bad’ hero in kdrama. The special effects were well done and the story kept me interested throughout. Lucky for him that Bi-ryung has been tailing the ambulance all this time, and she screams at Se-kwang to get in.

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Afterward, Hyuk asks why Se-kwang removed the chief prosecutor from the internal investigation. I incarnatiob she felt a responsibility to take care of Se-kwang since she was his lover and was with him since the inczrnation of their plot to murder. The close proximity jolts Jae-in and he stares at her for a few moments before slowly drawing nearer.

It still won’t beat out History of the Salaryman, but I could feel the touches put in by that team, and I think this drama will improve when held to the test of time.


incarnstion King Gwanggaeto The Great Episode On the other hand, Cha-don has built a fortified network of those who would come to his aid in a heartbeat. Cha-don notices that his car is parked by the house and realizes that his team is still in the area.

As Ji-hoo sits in her room, nursing a drink, she recalls the rest of the conversation we left off from the previous episode. Discovery of Romance To him that money is linked to his freedom, no matter where it came from and to see that literally burn before his eyes is the same thing as being sent back to hell.

Dramaacrazy reels mone the pungent skatefish smell as Jae-in happily digs in.

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Thank you Ddamacrazy for your recaps. I thought he would be Sekwang’s or Chadon’s dad. The show probably wouldn’t have let her get away scott free, and shouldn’t. I kinda miss Cha Don’s old hairstyle.

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Cinderella and Four Knights Young Kang-seok incarnstion be the first story. The intel leads Cha-don upstairs where he marches into epksode middle of a high-stakes game.

Especially after she got Se Kwang cleaning her restaurant, hee! The Fugitive of Joseon High As The Sky Episode Tears silently stream down her cheek as she recalls that fateful day five years ago when Se-kwang came to pick her up at the orphanage.



He has forgiven Angelina and as he says, he doesn’t want her kid to be like him, alone and without a mother. Thanks for the recommendation. Bringing drakacrazy baddie to life is no easy matter but this is where our villain, Se-kwang, sprung off of the page to present a complex, conflicted, and intriguing character who made you wonder what exactly made him tick.

Inccarnation then Cha-don smiles in return and in a calm voice, offers to find the infamous Shudal himself. When the time is over even if the truth is revealed she wont be able to do anything and the Prosecutor will be safe.

It all went downhill for her from there. Dude, a little more gratitude for the woman who just saved your life, huh? It turns out that thing Prosecutor Kwon had prepared is a gun.

But you, you lost that last chance. Tree with Deep Roots The reporter was nothing on his own, and just way easy to bring down. rramacrazy

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo It seems to get worse as I watch more. Team Shudal gapes at the piles of amassed cash within the vault and starts piling it into boxes.