No one, even we viewers, can guess what she will do next, how she will build her relationship with other characters. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Some people had changes of heart, some people got what they ultimately deserved, and some people simply followed the paths of their destinies and could not change things no matter how hard they tried. Good point about the surgery. Whether or not she’s the “Gentleman,” I feel that woman has it in her to do great damage in a more sophisticated evil way than the actress with all her pretensions to revenge. I’ll admit I actually teared up a little when Se Kwang put the gun to his head and had tears flowing out of his eyes. I look forward to watching more episodes.

Perhaps the only thing that will make me actually press the play button is the sense that Cha Don will prove to all that he’s quite a valuable asset. But then that hotshot whom she thought was interfering the investigation actually propels it forward instead. Notify me of new comments via email. If it was truly justice, things would have never ended up like this. Money is a dangerous thing. I Need Romance 3 I am particularly interested in korean horror dramas.

Is she seriously not self-aware?

You know, for networking and stuff. Reluctantly disguising herself as a weak woman, she often gets in conflict with Kang Ki Tan who keeps interfering with her secret mission. He once worked for the National Intelligence Service, has a strong incqrnation for success. I expected silly comedy side looking at 7LCS but it makes you love even the bad guys.


I guess it is fitting for the character as he would never ever admit that he was wrong and will not take responsibility for his actions – as it is always the fault of Lee Cha Don! Thus, he proceeded to wipe out a whole family to incarnafion no trace of them as his own family his dad was gone.

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It’s a shame that they never got a decent kiss in this drama; either one of them shed a tear in disgust, or the other one was sleeping. She can hardly believe it since this means that Se-kwang actually told her ibcarnation truth.

Meanwhile, I don’t think the mom recognizes Cha Don as her son but I think she gets these vibes from him, that gut feeling that he’s someone dear to her.

But he went for another round against the minion and won. She pulls him into an embrace.

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It was so good meeting you as well. He then happens to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital on a remote island Yeah, i felt sorry for them. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.

Ohh, so she poisoned both of their drinks. What Happened in Bali Anyway, I absolutely loved the show!

One really has to turn the other cheek and stop perpetuating the need for justice. He learns about her late rich husband and that Se-kwang was her defense lawyer. When they do the grand unveiling of Jae In’s transformation, I hope Jae In doesn’t have the same horrible attitude just because she is now a surgically transformed beauty.


I asked the same question concerning the savings bank – but it is something that was “dropped in between chairs”! What are you waiting to see? I love it so much Just a few feet away, Angelina has this expectant look when Se-kwang approaches, only to be rebuffed coldly.

I am of the opinion that the drama does not promote cosmetic surgery, and neither does it reinforce stereotypes about overweight people.

Money Incarnate Episode 5 Preview: Cha-don finds Ji-hoo pouring herself shot after shot, and he rips the bottle away from her. He should know better than anyone else what Mayor Jung is capable of.

Afterwards, he worked as a righteous prosecutor and only became cruel when his past came back to haunt him. Then Cha-don opens his hand and a gold coin necklace drops in the air.

The mayor wastes no time introducing Se-kwang to some big names, including Boss Bok, eppisode asks: Furthermore, the body was stripped of any identifying factors post mortem. Yes, yes, it was such a ride! What happens to KJH recently????