Eventually they split up, abandon the coffin, and Ako is reunited with his family, only to be bombed again before being miraculously transported to Paris at the joyous moment of the fall of Baghdad. Ahmed, Abdul Rahman Abubaker. But emboldened by the increasing retreat of the United States into isolationism after the wartime inter- ventionist idealism of Woodrow Wilson, the French and British governments felt able to ignore Arab wishes just as Balfour had done in Many of his early films were made collectively under his leader- ship. There are many features common to both Maghreb and Mashreq, the first of which has already been noted: Only Saab, who had studied economics at the Sorbonne, was not a professionally trained filmmaker.

There she organized film festivals and became the first woman to produce and dis- tribute films through her company. Born in , he began his career in Matrix Reloaded , 26′, DV Cam. As outsiders to the dominant Sunni Muslim com- munity, the Alawites had been recruited into the armed forces by the French during their years of rule. Star of Stars , 17′, Mini DV. In the mids, the Syrian Omar Amiralay and a group of Lebanese filmmakers followed this pattern of training and indeed remained resident in Europe, among them the documentarists Borhan Alawiya, Jean Cha- moun, and Jocelyne Saab, as well as the fea- ture filmmakers Maroun Bagdadi and Randa Chahal-Sabbag. In , the oppression sparked off spontaneous protests, particularly by the young and by children, which became known as the intifada, which resulted in Palestin- ian deaths, with 37, wounded and 40, arrested. Gold , 35mm , Op- eration:

Before Sunset10′, DV Cam. He had been supported by the West throughout the Iran-Iraq conflict and epieode very ambiguous responses to his new plans.

Full text of “Catalogue of the books in the circulating library [microform]”

He worked in television in the Emir- ates and also took film courses in England, the United States, and Italy. AlAlali1′, DV Cam. One of the many crucial European deci- sions and agreements regarding the Middle East had already been made inwith the unilateral declaration of support for the es- tablishment of a Jewish homeland in Pales- tine by the British foreign secretary, Arthur Balfour. Dar el-Machreq, She studied at the University of Dubai.

For the new Iraqi president, Saddam Hus- sein, was the year he began the Iran-Iraq war, invading a country over three times the size of Iraq in an assault which Saddam ex- pected to last a month and lead to the over- throw of the Khomeini regime, but which instead dragged on for 95 months. Back in Lebanon he made a series of 16mm television reports for television. Al-Homoud, Bader Abdul Majeed.


RedFree Me Cockroach But many of the other new Palestinian directors lacked this background. Born inhe is also an actor and dramatist.

The broken wings of the title are those of women in an unenlightened patriarchal society, against which Gibran rails in seasom. Omar Amiralay, the sole documentarist in the group, who trained in France, has cho- sen to live in exile there since the early s, after his first feature-length work.

But to her consternation, he can play only bit parts, doomed and majab figures. Ali makes a partial re- covery and is able to help rescue some of the patients who have fled from the bombed and looted hospital. These experiences find their direct reflection in the film, which fol- lows closely the experiences of the exuberant and rebellious middle-class schoolboy Tarek, seasoh close friend Omar, and a Christian refugee, May, as they live through their adolescent ex- periences and obsessions at the very moment the war breaks out.

Syrian film- maker whose experimental videos have been made in the UAE. I owe a huge debt to Martine Leroy, for access to her data base on Middle Eastern films. She made a number of film and majab documentaries: Through the Lens of Diaspora London: In France he made a number of short films and docu- mentaries, as well as working on a feature film with Andre Techine.

Indiana University Press, The French sought an intricate system of checks and bal- ances: Lives in Jerusalem, working as a journalist and film- maker. The other, younger, woman, Sahar, lives a very different life as a seasoh single mother in Ramallah, teaching at Bir Zeit University and working as a novelist.

Also worked as cameraman on a number of short films. Also playwright fii theatre director.

Ben Hirsi constructs a deftly shaped lighthearted narrative, broken up by snatches of questioning voice-over by a narrator intrigued by his discoveries of an unknown culture, and enlivened by mu- sical interludes.

Born inhe studied filmmaking in Iowa, taught at the Baghdad Fine Art Academy, and founded a theatre group. Karmi, Married to Another Man, He has taught film analysis at the University of Da- mascus.

Sneaker13′, Mini DV. Eruption3′, Mini DV. Their names are listed at the end of the relevant feature film chronol- ogy, but their work is not indexed. It is interesting too to note that, despite the technological develop- ments and new promotional strategies which are likely to lead to a totally different media situation in the coming decade, the bulk of fic- tional feature films made in the Arab Middle East, like those in Africa, continue to be shot and distributed for initial exhibition purposes on 35mm film.


Zabad42′, video. The life of ES in Jerusalem is equally frustrating: Studied at the Theater Arts Institute in Kuwait. Al Shallah5′, DV Cam. Equally striking is the work of those new filmmak- ers based in France — Danielle Arbid, Michel Kammoun, and Philippe Aractingi — along with that of the actress Nadine Labaki, who is based in Lebanon but wrote her first feature, Caramelin Cannes.

Motion picture producers and directors — Arab countries — Biography — Dictionaries. Divided in the nineteenth century, the largely unacces- sible and reclusive North became indepen- dent when the Ottoman Empire disintegrated, while the South remained a British colony, better known as Aden.

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The major commercial directors, whose careers all extended into the s — Mohamed Selmane and Rida Myas- sar, followed in the early s by Samir al- Ghoussayni — all produced a spate of films. Martin6′, DV Cam. Authoritarian regimes are the norm in the Arab world, and attempts to establish state monopolies for filmmaking have been wide- spread.

A further Lebanese pioneer, Ali al-Ariss, was less fortu- nate. The Lebanese pattern was also followed sporadi- cally — and with markedly less international success — in Syria and Iraq.

The lovers, who fall in love at first sight, are separated when her wealthy father is persuaded by the bishop to marry her off to the bishop’s nephew, who is a gambler, drunkard, and womanizer. The film is marked by bick- ering incomprehension between Ako and his father-in-law and later between him and the Arab driver and shot through with moments of desperate farce Ako attempting to get his leg shot off so he will be discharged from the army, the constant reappearance of lorries bearing a statue of Saddam Hussein, Ako’s dancing battle with the Iraqi flag.

The Arab-Israeli war was just the first of a seemingly endless series of inter- national wars, invasions, conflicts, and expul- sions to have plagued the Middle East over the past 60 years.

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