Ignoring the 30thth issues, where the plot abruptly changes location and style for seemingly no reason at all, you’re likely to get swept along with the fast flowing plot, but not to drown in it like some mangas the kind that drop enough plot bombshells to blow the earth out of orbit every issue and the pace is pretty sweet. One of the my favorites. There’s also a number of oldschool anime that didn’t get released in the states but found success in other languages. These are my favorites that I think you should definetly see: Veoh was a good place to find it, though I think the copyright hammer might’ve been thrown down there apparently Veoh’s going the way of YT and DM. It’s a shounen-ai type series, though, so I wouldn’t say it’s a very ‘mainstream’ one all would enjoy.

Alright, like it’s been said about a billion times by now, trying to find anime that’s good is like saying you want to find movies that are good. It’s alright, though quite a bit of the original manga got left out. There is usually 2 different ways ppl watch japanese anime Thanks for the tip. Generally, yes, I guess. Hentai is the shit you wanna watch out for.

The parts with Near and Mello ended up being very rushed. I see Warren is now watching Tekkon Kinkreet on Voeh. Please also note that you are accessing a site which is designed for and targeted to U. I find anime is often misunderstood because it is a type of entertainment with several sub-genres rather than a specific genre, so not every anime is for everyone.

I never got around to watching it then, but it defintely sounds like something I need to put on my list.

I grew up in a mining town with an foot tall smoke stack, so I always kind of liked the visuals of the factory that covers the town with steam. Try watching Gurren Lagann.


Really, it all depends on what you like. Next thing I’ll watch is the Trigun series since I’ve had that on my PC forever and still ahven’t watched it.

The anime was pretty good. At the moment, I’m mostly interested in series that are just plain good. It had a lot of cool scenes and the story was rather interesting. I wonder if the price is high to the point where some companies don’t want to risk it.

It’ll familiarize you with a lot of anime stereotypes while providing some entertainment in the meantime. Then Remove the file from your Veoh library. Generally, even if the series gets ridiculously more awesome after that, after about 4 episodes of time if you really can’t get into it it’s foolish to keep going with that series; since if you had been watching them as they came out that would’ve meant that the show was doing nothing for you after a MONTH.

Here’s a few of the ones I used.

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Myspace appears to still be a popular way to host videos, but it is hard to get to them without the links through one of the fansub sites. Layann released in the US, posted on Veoh – supernatural naturist anime with some horror elements. Warren, have you seen Tekkon Kinkreet yet? And of course Death Note.

Next Post links for Heck, what does ‘anime’ even mean? Then you’ve got the Japanese companies that put a lockdown on the licenses and don’t really give a reason: On some strange whim, I decided I wanted to watch it. Some points about Veoh: Butters Need to look for something on the board? Am I even using the term correctly when I’m saying that “I’m going to watch an anime”?

Watch the compilation movies ofZeta gundam as series. Just don’t go into it expecting to be blown away. Akira, Paprika, Steam-Boy, and so on. I do also prefer the subtitled version, but I think that it has one of the better dubs out there. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. At said, the following series are pretty good and a good idea to look into: Hell has just frozen over aka: You sited Bokurano in your opening post.


Now you must download their app. Since you’re new to this, here are common recommendations: Shows what I know, doesn’t it? Synch Point did a pretty fair job, especially compared with most of the crap out there.

That last upwards of five episodes! Sometimes it takes a few epiaode to really get into it.

Welcome to the all new southpark. Anime humour generally revolves around ott gimics and animations that make Family Guy look relevant, and wouldn’t touch Tom and Jerry in the visual humour stakes, so SP was a clear winner against most of it. Also, partially because I pretty much like all genres if the story is good. Then he gave me a binder loaded with Death Note crap.

Gurren lagann episode 23 english dub veoh

In other anime news; I watched Bleach through season 3 and enjoyed it very much. Brotherhood, Code Geass, ToraDora, etc. Stranger Sign in, buddy. Thank you for pointing this out.

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There is usually 2 different ways ppl watch japanese anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – because seriously. After that, I watched Toward the Terra. Last edited by Jay C on Wed Sep 05, 9: FLCL is a wonderfully compressed piece of work.