Well that sucks guess i am not in a rush to upgrade to hz display yet. It completely cripples the card. I will of course go through the process of OC my card anyways, but I shouldn’t have to do this. I think it’s an issue for everything at or above Hz. I also get the “Kernel Mode Driver has crashed and recovered” message. Rolled back driver, stable for the last 25 minutes, which is longer than it lasted after the driver update. Source 1 or Source 2.

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Reading the comments I can’t think anything else than “shit again? I really think Nvidia would find their lives simpler if they went back to releasing seperate driver packages for each series of card. Disabling “Hardware Acceleration” on Firefox does not help fix this issue for me, however. Fix your shit, Nvidia.

Best drivers i’ve had so far. If it helps, we’ve found several customers were able 37290 fix the Hz flickering issue by changing Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance; for some reason Optimum seems to cause flickering.


NVIDIA Releases 372.90 WHQL Game Ready Driver

Heini2 Are these drivers so bad they don’t get a sticky? Confirmed in my case with Arma 3! Compufreak arokhantos Its only hz issue then?

I agree, but I don’t see a need to use it these unless something goes wrong or you just don’t trust things to ever go right or you’re changing GPUs. I was playing Mad Max a few days ago on Yeah I know there are workarounds, yours or setting gwforce refresh rate to Hz and then back to Hz. Changes and Fixed Issues in Version Didn’t work, it doesn’t matter that much, but it’s just an annoying thing to be dealing with.

XX to work even using DDU. Other things to consider, I use Displayfusion always turned off when updating and I run two identical displays p. I found the problem.

Things seem alright for me so far. Its only hz issue then? This is basically the reason why I am staying on I can only hope this issue isn’t present Horizon 3, because I paid a lot of money for that game. gefrce

GeForce NVIDIA – GeForce r series – LaptopVideo2Go Forums

This fix worked for me, good luck! Essentials Only Full Version. The only drivers that ever really worked for me were the You’re actually able to play Bethesda titles? I’m currently using New Features – This version of the driver adds security updates for driver components. Which video card cooler is right for you. I’ve never experienced something like this before, I haven’t even been able to roll back yet because now I can’t get any video output to 372.9 display.


That’s not what I’m getting at. Intel i5 k 5. Please visit the following Google Documents for full detailed information on how to do Fresh Driver Install.

I have malware anti-bytes premium and Windows defender running. So I reverted back.

I disabled Vulkan and the crashes went away so not a big deal to me. G-Sync is enabled with V-Sync disabled in-game.