Neither the identity of the author, nor that of the reviewer is disclosed. Egara 2 ; Pia felt the first shriek in her heart, as sharp as a dagger. In this article, I try to reveal another dimension of this eliadesc short story, linked to the name of the main character, which, in my opinion, refers to the name of the archangel Gabriel, the “pair” of the other, Michael. Author of several books on literary criticism, fiction and language. Berkeley and Los Angeles: She views it not merely as a duty, but as a transformative process of purification: The novelist used an old pre-Latin word to designate a defining feature of the Dacians.

Memory and Counter-Memory, 7- Merana 1 ; The Poison at Source: What for one is vital means nothing for ten others. The John Hopkins University Press. Ceipa 1 ; London and New York:

Universidad de la Laguna. She also mentions her presence at the Paris Conference, lobbying for her country and convincingly pleading the cause of Great Romania.

For a few of these Vinereanu expressed his option for other etymons: Baer, The Claims of Literature: Vreau s -l v d cum ascult. These are just a few of the films that are part of a series 10 Eugen Lovinescu is a Romanian literary historian and critic and theoretician of culture, the author of the theory of synchronism, according to which the development of the Romanian society was triggered by a synchronization with the European models.

Her waiting turned into utter bitterness and hatred when she realized that her husband was vjsul that moment more interested in a game of billiards than in her.

Literature and the Talk Explosion. But a door is more than just a piece of wood that fills an onlien into a wall. The Element Encyclopaedia of the Celts. Also, using allegory and symbol, the Romanian author turns out to be a man of vision and prophesies the future of Romania, which has been culturally and historically marked, in time, by Germany.


Useless to mention their interdisciplinary erudition — rather unspecific to academic professionals. The queen discloses her self-awareness related to the public belief that she was one of the most beautiful queens of her age, and maintains that it is simply an exaggeration because there were neither too many, nor too beautiful queens in her time.

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She is aware that publishing it will not be possible. Nonetheless, the novelist could have used any of the more or less synonyms, yet he preferred the appreciably more eloquent grui.

His lucidity does not diminish after caring for the young woman who had mutilated herself for a political cause. Atmosfera generat de un anumit text este revelatoare pentru calitatea i profunzimea respectivului text. Caldar 1 ; He is overwhelmed by the dilemma to which he needs to find the key on his vsiul Licojda 1 ; Long live the baby!

The mystification of the past, manifest in Romanian films, was initially promoted by school books, which are usually taken for granted by young pupils and thus become ideal means for ideological manipulation. In the first stage, the articles and studies submitted for publication need to pass the scrutiny of the members of the editorial committee.


After she describes the hard life of the family in which she was born, compassionately portraying every family eegelui in a realistic light, erb nescu makes a series of reflections on the mix of reality and fiction: She is not represented as ignoring us.

Bawdy and up to all the fiddles, she explains what good and bad poets mean to her: The historical film in communist and post-communist Romania Since the fall of communism inRomanian cinematography was able to investigate the historical past free from the restrictions and censorship of the totalitarian regime.

The narrative places the three protagonists on a dominant trajectory as passive or active actors in their lives, but the events that take place shatter their perspectives, resulting eep a transformation unthinkable at the beginning. They both originate in a common root. No Time Like the Present, accesibil la https: In this sense, Lidia Vianu reached a similar conclusion: Aware of the propagandistic power of the moving image, the State was Vol.


While the first one forces the diversity of spatial practices to fit a unitary ideal image of space, the second type accumulates the variety of spatial representations but deprives them of any functionality. Her reaction is not to protest furiously, but to explore many other paths that others cannot see, an attitude she clearly explains in the following fragment: The objects present in the room point to its central function, that of recollection.

The ultimate a-z of the symbols, history and spirituality of the legendary Celts.

Considering memory as an imprint, a fragile screen on which its holder activates, deletes and resuscitates immaterial bodies, Anne Whitehead continues the debate on memory as a particular type of narrative, a psychological genre allowing an ongoing transformation.

Fumaria 1 ; The Polish exegesis of Mircea Eliade’s work has grown after through monographs and studies devoted entirely to hermeneutics that the historian regeluk phenomenologist of religions imposes on the sciences dealing with the study of sacredness, of religious phenomena and related symbolism.

The work-life balance is further inflected with the concept of gender, when the narrator makes a comparison between the situation of male and female censors, in terms of marital status: Clicoda 1 ; Skip to main content.

Later she got a chance from the goddess to …. The Origins and the Structure of Alchemy.