During the night shift, the interns encounter an evil spirit in the hospital. Welcome, Login to your account. Again nice update n i was expecting this update on today bt u updated fast, thank you so mch dear… Hello nisha n devgaa, how r u both.. Neha 17th Jan – 1: Later, Ranbir finds his bike set on fire in the parking lot and vows to get back at whoever committed this atrocity. Be the first one to add a plot. Piya 17th Jan – 2:

Piya then looks towards armaan and understands the matter. Yea dint actually found thr is a mistake coz with the interest in reading ahead I read it as piya only …. When She calls Vivaan, Sarthak secretly overhears the conversation and gets to know about the antidote. Welcome, Login to your account. Sign in Recover your password. Later, the interns plan a party in the hospital and Rose contemplates inviting Sameer to the party. Vivaan tries to dodge Avni but incidentally gets stuck in an elevator with her. See also TV Schedule.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Add Image S2, Ep4. Rhidhimaa searches for a reply and says fsnaah The fiendish child returns to the hospital and threatens to snatch Vivaan’s loved ones from him, causing Vivaan to fear for their safety.

Joe and Avni bond over the New Year party. Thus, infuriated Prateek gets into a fight with Utkarsh. The class despite several mistakes does a good work in the nursery.

Fanaah S02

Piya cuts in between saying angrily: Episove, Vivaan realizes that there is no future with Avni. Armaan with stern looks: Rhdihimaa fanaay standing out when mr prem comes with ram singhania and asks: Meanwhile, Yamini tells Avni about her love for Sarthak. When She calls Vivaan, Sarthak secretly overhears the conversation and gets to know about the antidote. The driver nods and leaves. Yup…bt it gotta rectified with the flow of the story n yup again thanks for the fast update dear.


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At the end Pratheek manages to bring Avni back to class by convincing Meghna. Later, Meghna in Jo’s disguise takes the vials from Vivaan and epsode it to Sarthak which makes Sarthak very happy as the vials will make him invincible and help him destroy Vivaan. Vivaan drinks Avni’s holy blood which turns him into an invincible vampire and thus he kills equivalent vampire Sarthak and the sorcerer Meghna.

Do continue … Lil busy these days …. Last updated Jan 17, Aniket sees the car keys lying on the ground and gets some faded memories of a boy of around 18 years driving car. Armaan sensing this eyelock and taunting: While rhidhimaa and that man turn to him at the same time and get shocked. Page 1 of 1. The ambulance stops and 2 wardboys get out and take a boy of about 23 years and rhdihimaa smiles seeing him and helps the wardboysrhdihimaa thinks: Avni rescues the haunted child from the mortuary and admits him fqnaah the hospital.

Sarthak pursues after Yamini to steal the file which contains details about the injection. Prem and ram node in yes. Avni and Rose plan to settle the differences between Samir and Ranbir.

Meanwhile, Avni is drooling over Vivaan and confesses to Rose about her growing affection towards him. Episodde, Sarthak injects himself to get the powers of a vampire.

Yamini calls the nurse when she sees Sarthak hit his head as he hastily makes his way down the stairs. Add Image S2, Ep3.

An Impossible Love Story —. In order to rehabilitate Sarthak, Yamini gives him drugs to help him stabilize. Avni, Prateek, Sarthak, Rose and Ranbir’s drunken escapades bring them to the same hospital with which they are supposed to episodr their medical career. Vivaan gets to know that Avni is a pure blood. Vivaan rescues Ranbir at the last ditch and kills the psycho clown.


Vivaan later bumps into Sarthak and suspects his odd behaviour. Audible Download Audio Books. Avani tells Jo about her feelings for Vivaan. He sits in the car and tries to strain his mind fpisode learning how to operate and gets itso he starts driving and gets happy. Vivaan finds evidence related to the deaths.

Meanwhile, Ranbir tries to hide Seher from his friends. At a party, Prateek meets Ranbir and introduces him to Avni. Vivaan also attempts to save the haunted hospital but is shocked to know that Avni saved Sarthak.

Rhdihimaa smiles and comes towards her and holds her shoulder taking her saying: Sign in Recover your password. Rose is miffed at Samir for attacking Ranbir.

Vivaan tells Avni that he faanah a vampire when she awakens him.

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Vivaan feels distressed because of Avni’s facial resemblance with Dhara. Rhidhimaa goes out while piya sees her going and tries to follow her when she reaches the main hall where elders party is going on when madhu calls her to introduce her to someone.

While the entire class was frivolously cleaning the washroom, Vivaan enters and scolds them for not being serious. However, Vivaan gets distressed and locks up Avni in the mortuary unaware of the extreme cold temperature.

Piya is still suspicious but gives a fake smile.