She touches her lips. Full Cast and Crew. Here comes the arm touch. No more ‘little mutant ninja assassins’ suggestions. Growing Sexual Tension might make it turn M in future chapters so read at your own risk. Played, played by Scott Elrod.

Kensi similarly displays her embarrassment. Deeks goes to discard something in the trash bin and sees the container for store-bought snickerdoodles. Stepping over the line by camj reviews A dream leaves Kensi questioning her feelings for her partner. Upon entering techno music is blasting. You think that’s going to work on me? Starts a little after the Small Pox case in season 3.

We ask ourselves this pretty regularly…. After all that had already happened today she had been openly vulnerable to him with her thoughts and words; now she is physically vulnerable. They were going to.

Got some funny stuff in here. Are we having a dance party? By the way, we had this huge amount, a huge amount of lines to get through in a very short space of walking distance, um, so it made us speak really, really fast. You want to know why? Kensi doth protest too much. What he is doing…well, Kensi can’t quite figure that out. She interprets this as demeaning, which gets her competitive juices flowing. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: One Kiss by Sweet Lu reviews Kensi and Deeks go undercover together and one kiss turns the operation into a dangerous situation for both of them.

It is amazing you just remembered that. And then you just look snarky. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Deepest appreciation for them taking the extra time to give us this golden experience! Her wedding band set is incredible, which would be called for in this upscale neighborhood.


Seeking a reason to remain in her presence especially considering her attire Want me to take a look at your foot? I know actually yes, when I, when I dropped her like that I think her foot hit the side or something. This likely marks a red-letter day as the fandom exploded, even if it was under the guise of scdnes cover. They just wanted to put the one in that looked the best. She doesn’t stop him, though; in fact, she finds it comforting.

Particularly when it comes to sharing a bed. You, you want to go to a rave is what you are saying.

F reviews Deeks requires a helping hand painting his spare room. But you know what? It hurts me that it hurts you.

Cause when I go home, I have like… DR: Oh, Kensi is going there…. And what about Deeks? Did you just see that?

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The scariest moment of the job – of life – was when you see that bullet heading for your partner and you know, no matter how hard you try, neivhborhood you do is going to stop it. Kensi goes deeper as she prompts this topic. Edit Storyline Kensi and Deeks go undercover as a married couple housesitting in a gated community to identify a Russian sleeper agent believed to live in the neighborhood; a Russian businessman, who’s also a link to the unknown agent, dies at a local hotel.


Did some push-ups right before that so that I would, uh look strong. This clearing explains the regular unkempt state of her apartment! He turns to leave, but moves slowly all the while looking over his shoulder to her.

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Fresh Paint by xana4 reviews She’s like fresh paint. Rated M for later chapters.

Your, this ridiculous laugh created for Kensi. Light and Dark by Sweet Lu reviews Story takes place in one room where Kensi wakes after being tortured and tries to find her partner. Just do it girl! Telling herself it’s all part of her cover, Kensi pushes herself to her toes and leans in, planting a quick, fleeting kiss to her partner’s scruffy cheek. We get it; Kensi is an abject culinary failure! With a shy grin I thought you were going to wake me up. Now, some privacy please?

DR gives a significant breath indicating her refute of this statement. That was my dog-talk. By the way, you would. Did you see the muscles on my shoulder? These realizations are new and take time for her to process. She’s there for him and she’ll help him no matter what but she was also affected by the events.