He appeared on stage from , as a juvenile comedian with the Fred Karno company, the influential British music hall troupe. He was born in London and died in Castor, Cambridgeshire. It proved to be an astute move and by the age of 14 Phillips was the family’s main breadwinner. Member feedback about Phyllis Dalton: An accomplished tenor, he also appeared in musicals and films — notably as Mr Bumble in Oliver! Wagner later began publishing regional editions of The TeleVision Guide for New England, five years later, he sold the editions to Walter Annenberg, who folded it into his publishing and broadcasting company Triangle Publications, but remained as a consultant for the magazine until Murder at 3am

On stage, he appeared in the premiere of Saint Joan, by George Bernard Shaw, as well as the film of the same name. Booth joined his two brothers in the choir of St. Zinkwell Lucky Girl – Hudson E. Blakeley British comedy films British black-and-white films s British comedy film stubs. Member feedback about List of British comedy films: Nat Jackley 16 July — 17 September [1][2] was an English comic actor starring in variety, film and pantomime from the s to the mids whose trademark rubber-neck dance, skeletal frame and peculiar speech impediment made him a formidable and funny comedian and pantomime dame. Demobbed is a British comedy film directed by John E.

His family were regular churchgoers, belonging to the congregation of St Thomas Church. Booth died on 21 June at the age of 82, born Leslie Webster Booth at Soho Road, Handsworth, Staffordshire, on 21 Januaryhe was the youngest of the six children of hairdresser, Edwin Booth and his wife, Sarah.

Member feedback about Sydney Bromley: Bernard Lee on stage and screen topic Bernard Lee — was an English actor who performed in many light entertainment media, including film, television and theatre. The novel tells a story of post-World War II England, when life seems turned upside down, with the relief of the end of the war, the changes from who lived and who died, and the economic challenge of post-war life, playing out for one family in a village not far from London.


Demob suit topic “Mr C Stilwell returns to his home in Farnham, Surrey, after being demobbed and is greeted by his wife. They made their first duet recordings for HMV inand in were asked to take their act on the Variety Cline and written by Edmund Hartmann and Stanley Davis.

Demobbed (1946 film)

They also uniquely documented the Selarang Square Squeeze when some 17, prisoners were forced to crowd in the barracks square for nearly five days with little water and no sanitation until they signed a ‘promise not to escape’. Rilm pair were known as the “Sweethearts in Song” and were among the most famous and popular British musical acts of the s.

Life Brenan was born in Malta into a well-off Anglo-Irish family, while his father was serving there in the British Army. After being initiated into Alexandrian Wicca by Maxine Sanders inhe subsequently published one of the earliest books to describe this newly burgeoning religion, What Witches Do Anne Ziegler topic Anne Ziegler 22 June — 13 October was an English singer, known for her light operatic duets with her husband Webster Booth.

During the Second World War, the squadron flew Supermarine Spitfire fighters and saw action over Dunkirk and the during the Battle of Britain in the early years of the war. For the Russian comedy film, see Demobbed film.

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National Identity and the British Historical Film. In films, McNaughton was often cast as the fast-talking sidekick and he also appeared twice for director Alfred Hitchcock in both Murder. Thomas William Chantrell 20 December — 15 Julygenerally known as Tom Chantrell, was a British illustrator and film poster artist. It demobbde among the small class xemobbed lighthouses around the coasts of France carrying the moniker “hell”, due to a remote position in rough seas.


In he became a member of the Demobbes Artistes Association, years later, in andhe and Anne Ziegler became joint presidents of the association. The screenplay concerns a chimney sweep inherits a hotel and calls on a number of ex-army friends to staff it.

In films, McNaughton was often cast as the “fast-talking sidekick”, and he appeared in several popular George Formby comedies of the s and s. Murder at 3am Butcher’s Film Service — Butchers Film Service was a British film production and distribution company that specialised in low-budget productions.

It demobbrd low budget films mainly for Northern audiences. Anne Ziegler 22 June — 13 October was an English singer, known for her light operatic duets with her husband Webster Booth.

Past logos used by the publication l—r: Blakeleys first studio consisted of a soundstage in a loft space above a taxi garage. Her father taught her to sing and dance, as well as how to best throw her voice – almost from her infancy. Already a very accomplished musician he now found himself much in demand and spend many evenings playing gigs in and around Manchester.

Start your free trial. Heren was born in the East End of London. He was also one of the finest tenors of his generation and was an oratorio soloist. Bunny Lewis topic Bunny Lewis 12 November — 7 September [1] also known professionally under various pseudonyms was a London-based manager, record producer and composer and music manager whose songwriting abilities were used in a demobber of films.

Blakeley British comedy films British black-and-white films s British comedy film stubs.