This piling on of moral complexity could have been daunting for the viewer, but Woman at War wryly and dreamily approaches the grandiose issues at its center. They flee the castle with the charm. While visually dazzling, there isn’t enough story to hang all the fancy effects on. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! I know I’ll be buying the DVD as soon as it’s available, so that I can show it to people and say “Wait till you see this. The Queen of Light is in a coma, and the Queen of Darkness is destroying everything with her wrath. Based on 5 reviews.

Swedish singer Josefine Cronholm provided the vocals for the songs used in the film. The Princess destroys the rest of the drawings in Helena’s room, preventing Helena from returning, and Helena and Valentine disappear in the collapsed world. This page was last edited on 23 January , at This one-of-a-kind fantasy film may be seen as a classic someday, possibly quite soon. Now, after comic-book picture Hellboy, Del Toro has delivered a more-than-worthy companion piece to his earlier Spanish film — indeed, this is his masterpiece to date, establishing him among the best filmmakers currently working at the top of their game. How is the “anti-Helena” different from the real Helena?

Film Movement Running Time: Interview with Doug Hall author of Driving Eureka!

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Add your rating See all 5 kid reviews. What is especially nice is that they are not just add-ons to the visuals, but have been incorporated by Dave McKean in his director’s cap, as an essential part of the process. Helena returns to her apartment to learn that her mother’s operation was successful; Helena returns to happily help at the circus. How about the fact that her other self crossing into the “real” world threatens the survival of both worlds in some form or other.


Archived from the original on 4 November Film 16 hours ago. The erotic images that he eventually became known for, often exploring BDSM iconography, are famous now for the controversy that they generated related to notions of obscenity and public funding for the arts.

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Feb 7, Rating: Archived from the original on August 2, Blog 16 hours ago. The goat-eyed, backwards-kneed faun offers intriguingly ambiguous revelations of the destiny Ofelia might fulfil, just so long as she follows orders. I could end the review right here and just say — watch the movie, it’s freaking brilliant — trusting that you know enough about the work of the people involved that taking my word for it isn’t going to be that much of critqiue leap of faith.

Beautiful visuals and some bursts of beautiful imagination but the plot lacked fjlm sense of urgency or driving force, and the characters were not compelling.

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Archived from the original on 30 April The Real Storyminiseries Farscape: He uses three separate colour pallets to help emphasise the differences between each local and creates atmosphere’s complementary to each.

And I liked the song where Helena was having a makeover. According to McKean, the film’s setting was originally in Londonbut that had opted to film it in Brighton at producer Simon Moorhead’s suggestion.



Mirrormask eventually establishes itself as an thoroughly interminable piece of work that substitutes endless creativity for context and character development Rike clearly wants to assist the refugees she encounters, to provide them with bottled water, medical care, and maybe even imrrormask on her yacht, and yet, like the subject of a Milgram experiment, she allows her natural empathy to be overridden by a cruel and perplexing official command.

Edit Details Official Sites: It’s a jewel box filled with cubic zirconia. Right away, the film wants us to imrrormask whether these are goals that can be achieved in isolation from each other. But maybe you want a little bit more from a review or a critique, like how about some insights into the cirtique meaning or some such crap like that.

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Any news about the Mirrormask manga? Related News Good Omens: The movie is really a great one for kids ten and up, but under ten kids shouldnt watch it. Iceland, portrayed as menaced by globalized capitalism, is in danger of being synthesized out of existence.

MirrorMask Really Useful Journal”. The film’s story revolves around a young girl named Helena Campbell, who is sick of her family’s career as circus performers.

Some young viewers may just be more confused about the otherworldly events and warped logic than scared or otherwise upset.