I had no inhibitions about the Fantasy genre, although it was held in contempt by the Cyberpunk school of SF that had come to the fore in the 80s. The Argonath empire was built on the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Veronath. Their hunger for battle is only matched by their hunger for food. Leatherback, Hard Green, Gristle, and Brasshide. City of Sorcery But Relkin is abducted by Slavers and taken south to be sold. It’s really, really weird book.

That tail was coming again, Bazil flung himself low and felt a wind pass over him as eight feet of bony tail swept through the air with a huge droning sound. This is a book about war and how ugly it gets, and a book of nuances of taste, colour and sound. But ending was intersting, so I think, I’ll read sequel. I named my child Relkin, need I say more? The Argonath empire was built on the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Veronath. Most older fantasy novels, in my experience, have the same fatal flaw They are the perfect mixture of strength and speed, and are of a medium intelligence.

With the exception of humans, they are all formed by magic, usually forcible impregnation of captive females. Ryetleth is the name of the world where christopuer of the events in the book take place. Mar 14, Amber rated it really liked it Recommended to Amber by: They take ship for the Argonath from Og Bogon, laden with golden treasure. They are the perfect mixture of strength and speed, and are of a medium intelligence.

Bazil Broketail 7 books. So the battledragon and his boy become champinos in the fight for freedom.

A sub-breed, Freemartins, are female dragons who were born sterile, and can presumably be of any breed, although the only identified Freemartins Nesessitas and Alsebra are both Greens. It has not been in print for some time, and there is no audiobook version, but find a copy and read it, it is well worth it. Bazil christophdr Relkin would like nothing more than to rejoin their unit — but fate has intervened.

Seriez first in one of my favorite series. The series has been reformatted for digital eBooks with new visuals and expanded text under the title Battle Dragons, published by Voyager. Bazil Broketail is a fantasy novel written in a style that reminds me of military science fiction.


And, of course, I have a deep and abiding affection for Tolkien’s works. I reread these about once every five years. The Enemy is the nation of Padmasa, a harsh regime ruled by five self proclaimed “Masters”.

That left me thinking more yhan once: These forces come together to defeat the Kraheen, lead by their mad prophet, at Koubha, the capital of Og Bogon, the civilized kingdom of tropical Eigo. Bazil Broketail did not live up to my expectations. The Argonath empire was built on the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Veronath. Their magic brokwtail based primarily on death, and uses death and torture for its purposes.

There are four main types of Wyvern: Land of Terror Surviving a volcano’s blast and separated from the th Marneri Dragonsthe extraordinary Bazil Broketail and dragoneer Relkin find rowlet in a vast, untamed jungle that stretches south from the shores of the Inland Sea.

The original Wyverns who agreed to fight for the Legions were predators of the coastal areas. In the ruins of Orthond, crushed beneath the heel of the Dominator, Waakzaam the Great, Evander and Serena meet Perspax, a member of the former Eleem nobility. Ultimately it is the dragons of the th, with Relkin and the Greatwitch Lessis who pursue the Master Heruta through his lair, just as the volcano on which sefies rests broletail.

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Jan 08, Szczupak rated it liked it Shelves: Further inspiration came from Vaugn Bode’s “smart weapons” — a little known SF comic book christohper the Underground Comix artist best known for his “Cheech Wizard” series in the early 70s.

I enjoyed it, it went along at a hood speed and I found myself liking Bazil and his dragon boy Relkin. A bold start to one of my favorite fantasy series. First the Argonath, weakened by the plagues, must fight off an army of the Masters of Padmasa lead by Waakzaam, and then Bazil and Relkin must endure a terrifying journey across the gulfs of space and time to do battle with the vast golem created by Waakzaam in his bid to destroy the Sinni.

The relationship between dragon and dragonboy is adorable and hilarious, I laughed throughout the book and often reread scenes because they were so good. In the end Relkin and Bazil come together to bring down the Great Game xhristopher end the rule of the Christoppher Lords serirs their evil ways.


Battledragon (Bazil Broketail, book 4) by Christopher Rowley

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads rowoey. This works, although not perfectly, and Bazil’s tail is restored enough for him to win admission to the Legions.

When in need, they may be fortified by the “black drink”, a potion that brings immunity to fear.

However, with the exception of larger, wild, winged dragons, like the Purple Green, they are easily the strongest of dragons. Bazil leads the Ardu to crush the slaver town on the river and then to march on Mirchaz itself.

Bazil Broketail Series

I picked up this series expecting based on the woefully inaccurate cover art a fantastic farce: There they still have to contend with the evil Wizard of the Black Mountain, but in the end, Evander triumphs and he and Serena return to Monjon with a new, even more powerful Thymnal.

Thanks to Veronica’s grooming the meeting went very well, but alas, Lester just didn’t care for my own take on the classic ingredients of Fantasy fiction, in other words my dragons weren’t his kind of dragons. Or will Relkin be caught and executed. The magic system laid out here is wonderful and unique, focusing on sacrifices and movement between the planes of existence.

Gristles are almost non existent in the series no named character is a Gristleand the breed is rarely mentioned beyond the first book.

I think the author was good at using the right words at the right time to make a good reading pace. If village dragon Bazil Broketail and his Orphanboy Relkin cannot prove their lighting mettle in an arena of honor, can they rescue Besita from Doom’s fortress?