Political map Physical map Websites http: The Pyu went into decline in the s. Or the Burmese Spelling Book. An Abridgement of the Holy Bible. Being Kachchayana’s Aphorisms with the Bagaya Hsaya’s interpretation. The western region has the Arakan, Chin, and Naga hills. The largest companies and financial institutions are state-owned, with the private sector limited mainly to small-scale trading. The Sutra with a brief commentary in Pali and its Burmese interpretation, abridged by Rajinda from the work of Jambu-dhaja.

Being questions on Bud- dhist doctrine by the Yaw myo sas atwins wun and answers by the HtiS-hlaing niyo sas akyis taw hkyok wun, compiled and edited by Us Aung. A Description of the Burmese Empire, pp. Followed by a Sagu Hsaya’s Kathein araes ahpye, questions and answers on the rules for giving priests’ robes, the Upasako- vada kun hkya kyans of Ariya-vamsa, and Vijaya- ramsi’s Thein aung maw kun. Signed by Maung Hbe, Presi- dent. The ” mm r f i m al ” references are at the foot of the page. Menu Create a tournament. In ethnic minority areas, human rights abuses are widespread, including extrajudicial killings and rape. The Shan also have a distinctive lacquerware tradition.

A work on mles for taking food.

Modern technical professions such as medicine and engineering are related to one’s level of education and specialized training. That will kickstart an art budfha scene in Myanmar and so much opportunity awaits for artists, curators and event organizers.

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It is at this time that young males become novices. Early in the s the government used forced rural labor to work on these projects. Buddja the s, under military rule, many industries were nationalized.

Deforestation increases erosion and landslides and threatens the lives of many already endangered species in the rain forests. Forchhammer [and edited by Taw Sein Ko]. With introductory and ex- planatory matter in Burmese. There are numerous documented human rights violations, and internal displacement of ethnic minorities is prevalent.

Few young people, however, receive training in these forms of medicine by an aging group of traditional healers and many traditional practices and the knowledge of traditional remedies are being lost. There are reports of the continued prevalence of child labor in the country.


Rules for the Registration of Deaths. Thus for example the words written ODCO and OOO, which according to the original values of the letters should l e pronounced as sak and tach respectively, are actually read as thei and tit ; and the.

Mandalay is relatively dry, with an annual rainfall of 50—cm 20—50in. This theme is The best website for free high-quality Arial Zawgyi fonts, with 20 free Arial Zawgyi fonts for immediate download, and 9 professional Arial Zawgyi fonts for the best Traffic Rank: The proindependence forces were not unified, and there was infighting between factions. Weaving is a highly developed traditional art form. Specifically Baghdadis from Calcutta with business interests — often based on opium — further east would stop at Rangoon on the way to Singapore, Jakarta, Manila and Shanghai.

Over the next few centuries, the Burmese slowly regained control over portions of lowland Burma from their new capital of Pegu. A compilation of dicta, from Pali texts, upon the birth of a Buddha, birth as a man, and other topics of Buddhist religion.

Revised Tables showing the comparison between village baskets and the standard 9-gallon basket in the Ma-ubin district, etc. The floors are made of bamboo planks or wood. Sassoon, History of the Jews in Baghdad ; D.

The sharp decline in chanynein Thai bhat had a negative impact on the kyat. Over a million Burmese, many of them ethnic minorities, have fled for economic and political reasons to Bangladesh, India, China, Malaysia, and Thailand to seek work and asylum. A life of the theologian Buddha-ghosa, in Pali.

There are 4 different rates for currency exchange: Findlay and Yeong Con Tin. A drama on the legend of the Buddha’s previous birth as Bhiiri-datta. Preceded by an itinerary from Rangoon to Ceylon, movvie Ne sin hmat thas hkyet; and followed by appro- priate devotional stanzas, entitled Sway taw hpayas shi hkos, in Pali with Burmese exposition, eic] pp. After the civil unrest induring which many students were involved in antigovernment activities, there were widespread closures of universities and colleges.

The number of mobile cellular phones was only 2, in The government’s oppressive attitude towards the opposition has caused international censure, prompting foreign firms to pull out or cut back on their activities.


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Despite the introduction of banking and trade regulations in the late s, Burma failed to achieve fiscal or monetary stability. Shared By [email protected]: The western region has the Arakan, Chin, and Naga hills.

The Karen groups live in the hills along the border with Thailand and channein southern lowlands. Signed by Maung Hbe, Presi- dent. Agriculture, however, is the dominant sector and accounts for almost 60 percent of the GDP. Devotional readings, based on the castomary salutation to the Buddlia.

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In their place, the government created buddhz state banks. The regime reinforces its rule with a pervasive security apparatus led by a military intelligence organization known as the Directorate of Defense Services Intelligence DDSI. Rice is the main product. This opposition finally led to mass protests and violence in Marchwhich the government sought to suppress. See Muhammad Shams ul-DIn b. There are also astrologers, other types of healers, tattoists with occult knowledge, and magicians.

The new rulers adopted a “Burmese road to socialism” — a policy of state socialism and isolationism a policy of keeping foreign influence and involvement to a minimum so that budddha country can develop on its own. See Burma, Oovt, of. The largest ethnic group that speaks Burmese is the Myanma; there is a smaller Burmese-speaking ethnic group known as Baramagyi or Barua. See Minbu, Division of. Want to find out who they refer? Preceded by Chhanda-sara- dhippaya-pakasanT, a Burmese commentary by Jfanindabhi.

E-mail is restricted to foreigners and businesspeople with close ties to the administration.

Kachchayana’s Pali grammar, with the Burmese commentary of Khema-ramsi upon the Taddhita- kappa, etc.