I watched it On Demand, but I might go see it again in the theater. Furthermore it’s a myth to believe that all Celts, Germans or any other Indo Europeans always fought naked. That’s right, I’m talking about you “Russ-was-here”. Matt Jones Location Manager. That’s not far from the truth. But I find your post to be how did you put it? Limbs are hacked clean off, stomachs are regularly impaled and the claret fluid sprays endlessly.

Andreas Wisniewski Commander Gratus. Tom Mannion General Tesio. There is good and bad on both sides of the conflict, which is true to every war in human history. For the scene involving the fireballs, we had 3 days. I know this sounds unbelievable, but it’s absolutely true. I saw it at my local Odeon last night, the only cinema in town showing it, and I strongly suspect it won’t be on next week. Great film, badly reviewed. To download all our subtitles, click on 1.

I’m a fan of the culture and history of early Britain, so my opinion may be tainted a bit, but I really enjoyed this flick. Major Hollywood star in the waiting Michael Fassbender played the German-impersonating British Lieutentant in Inglourious Basterds is undoubtedly the standout among the acting contingent.

As we can see with the final battle between Boudicca and Rome, using chariots was not always advantageous. William Wallace wasn’t running around the battlefield in a kilt, hate to break it to you. It’s setting is in the winter, it would make no sense for Picts to be in the buff all the time. To make another simple comparison, on Braveheart they had 7 weeks to shoot just the Battle of Stirling. It’s a bloody geyser of Neil Marshall’s typically stylish B-movie action, but Centurion is too focused on hacking and slashing to deliver original dialogue or interesting characters.


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He never once tried to claim that this was in any way a true story. I watched it On Demand, but I might go see it again in the theater. Is the acting Oscar worthy? Engaging and exciting, certainly worth a view. Subtitles Centurion Engliah 17 english subtitles for Centurion.

So it’s to be expected that through the almost constant barrage of compromise, a few factual mistakes may slip through the net. Gabrielle Spanswick Costume Supervisor. But I find your post to be how did you put it?

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This is in direct response to davidfurlotte’s fairly asinine ‘review’ The Romans had no choice but to march nearly single file through a road, when they realized they were flanked on both sides the line was 14 miles long, thus the battle took place over a 14 mile xvix the Romans had no choice but to form up as best they could in the road. Michael Carter General Antoninus. Peter Guinness General Cassius. Jake Maskall Roman Officer Argos.

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In fact Boudicca sealed her army’s fate by following an infantry charge with chariots effectively crushing her infantry between Roman shields and Iceni chariots. Director of photography Sam McCurdy provides a suitably grimy and englixh look that, although at times is too dim, sets the ideal tone for the film.

For the scene involving the fireballs, we had 3 days. Language Set favourite s Login. The reason I defend this film is because I worked on it myself. Ultimately, it xvix a quite believable scenario to explain the mysterious historical disappearance of the 9th Legion in Hibernia.

The fact that you consider Braveheart to be a “factual” representation of history is laughable, by this alone we can’t take you seriously in your review of this movie. Though the major difference is where Tarantino’s homage to the old chop-socky movies from Eastern cinema is cartoonish in its bloody visuals, Centurion is anything but tongue-in-cheek; here the blood, sweat and tears seep into the muddy vistas and bucolic rivers of Great Britain to intensify the atmosphere.


Danny Sheehan Supervising Sound Editor. We also see that Germanic and Celtic armor had a direct influence on Roman armor Romans borrowed their helmet style from the Gauls for example.

Matthew Collinge Sound Designer. Also, where did you get that his Dad is a history professor?! Tom Mannion General Tesio. That’s not far from the truth. Anyways, this is an entertaining movie and you certainly get the feel for the day.

Legendas portuguesas para Centurion. Marshall himself executes a few impressive sequences, the most outstanding being the initial ambush on the Ninth Legion, showing once again he knows how to stretch a small budget with minimalistic techniques and a passionate approach.

This films entire budget was about the size of the costume department budget on Gladiator! AG] sub download 0 Serbian subtitle Centurion. In any case, there is controversy and mystery as to what really happened to the 9th, and that makes a setting for a good tale. Cameron McCracken Executive Producer. He said his Dad loved history, and that’s all. This englizh common sense.