The theatre is run by manifold personal agreements, the artists are regular buffoons, the mainstream culture is dead, and the only people who seem to be fond of art is the technical staff, who, occasionally and in secret, do things they themselves relish. Violinist 1 episode, Gabriela Frycz Michal Matejewski 3 episodes, Policeman uncredited 1 episode, Dariusz Biskupski Psychiatrist 1 episode, Kacper Kowalski Matejewski’s son 1 episode,

Miklaszewska 2 episodes, Janusz Hamerszmit Antiterrorist 3 episodes, Joanna Pamula Tadeusz Cypowicz ‘Cypa’ 8 episodes, Policeman uncredited 1 episode, Policeman ‘Balon’ 4 episodes, Waitress 2 episodes,

Casino manager 1 episode, Roman Pietakiewicz Herman Faber 2 episodes, Marta Ojrzynska Doliniarz 2 episodes, Right before 31 August, however, his story changes.

Marek Ratynski 8 episodes, Selector 2 episodes, Jan Perlowski ‘Perla’ 8 episodes, Jan Frycz Marek Ratynski 8 episodes, Wojciech Solarz Midwife 1 episode, Stonemason 1 episode, Ewa Dabrowska Waiter 4 episodes, Leon Charewicz He is very much an adult today, of course, but he still lives through his memories. Cameraman 1 episode, Croupier 1 episode, Ewa Telega Jan Perlowski ‘Perla’ 8 episodes, Waiter 2 episodes, Barbara Kurzaj Renata Misiuwaniec 1 episode, Marcin Sianko Technician 1 episode, Prisoner 1 episode, Technician 1 episode, Robert Brzezinski Psychiatrist 1 episode, Wojciech Smolarz He quickly notices that the atmosphere in the theatre is very different from what he imagined.


Guard 1 episode, Grzegorz Sklodowski 3 episodes, Jakub Snochowski Brothel customer 1 episode, Kazimierz Krzaczkowski Saleswoman 3 episodes, Crettenand uncredited 1 episode, Stella Lewandowska 9 episodes, Krzysztof Globisz Jerzy Malkiewicz 2 episodes, Ali Kosoian Secretary Marta 1 episode, WOP-ista 1 episode, In one scene, when the camera is positioned on an elevator rising up alongside theatre decorations, Romek says: Actor 1 episode, Wenanty Nosul Thief 1 episode, Pawel Plucinski Mykola 2 episodes, Magdalena Cielecka Nowak’s wife 2 episodes, Doliniara 2 episodes, Trang 2 episodes, Count Artur Koniecpolski 1 episode, Marcin Slawinski Hostage 1 episode, Sentry 1 episode, Malwina Wielgosz 7 episodes, Jan Wieczorkowski Surgeon 1 episode, Agnieszka Szymczak Leszek Januchta ‘Juby’ 6 episodes, Mateusz Damiecki He kept a diary for several months, writing down information about what was going on in the country, collecting newspaper clippings, and recording his impressions about the mass for the homeland that he attended.