Kindly lent to us by The glossy display can also not be opened very far. If you activate the ‘Twin Turbo’ mode and also charge the battery at the same time, you can reach Dirt 2 This visually first-rate game is the first to use DirectX 11 to its full potential. Bad Company 2 The newest title in the Battlefield series is selling very well despite numerous technical problems. In idle mode, the notebook is only moderately audible at

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The Asus G73 remains astonishingly cool, and does not get too loud even under heavy stress.

The dual-core processor achieved 3, in the single-core rendering test, and 8, points in the multi-core rendering. But the high maximum volume guarantees you a balanced multimedia sound even if you sit some distance from the notebook.

Review Asus G73JH (ATI HD 5870) Gaming Notebook

Nevertheless, the HD is one of the few graphics cards which can keep Crysis playable at a high resolution and on high settings. So this does exceed the rated capacity of the Watt mains adaptor by 7. You can race v73 happily over the rally tracks at a frame rate asus g73 ati 5870 In order to keep the gaming benchmark tests as close to reality as possible, they were all carried out with the screen’s native resolution of 1, x And with g773 help asus g73 ati 5870 Asus’s ‘Splendid’ technology you can adjust the screen picture to suit your own needs, using various modes for example ‘soft’ and ‘vivid’.


Asus homepage Asus notebook section.

ASUS ROG G73jh launches with Core i7, Radeon HD , bragging rights

The base unit only lifts up a small amount when the large hinges move. The G73’s appearance is partly inspired by the Lockheed F stealth bomber. This is rare for a gaming notebook. However, the asus g73 ati 5870 colours do go some way sti making up for this. The system is crammed with all manner of pointless softwarewhich often advertises its presence through irritating pop-ups.

Review Asus G73JH (ATI HD ) Gaming Notebook – Reviews

The processor comes in next with 6. Whereas previous Asus gaming notebooks like the G71 and G72 sported glossy surfaces making them more vulnerable to scratches and liable to pick up dirtthe emphasis atii seems to be on everyday functionality.

asus g73 ati 5870

Verdict Asus has created a surprisingly good ayi notebook in the G73, one that stands apart from its G71 and G72 predecessors in many respects.

Gaming notebooks are notorious for their relatively noisy systems. The result is a very unique appearance, with a futuristic feel evoked by its streamlined front and unusual asus g73 ati 5870 like the large air vents at the back.

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The air vents are reminiscent not only of a stealth bomber but also of a Lamborghini sports car. The viewing angles are somewhat better horizontally, but still, you should not position yourself at too much of an angle to the G While we were testing the first-person shooter Fear 2, the dark asus g73 ati 5870 were greyish rather than deep black, because of the relatively high black level of 1.

The only blots on an asus g73 ati 5870 spotless copybook are a spongy keyboard, the incomplete range of ports, and the mediocre screen with its high black level, poor contrast ratio and limited viewing angles.


The G73 also gets bonus points for supporting two systems developed by audio specialists Creative. Furthermore, the sound quality particular during games is surprisingly good. The palm rest area only gets as warm as Keyboard The asue, chiclet-style keyboard impressed us favourably at first. Reflections can also be a problem indoors. Being able to process four threads simultaneously does not currently provide much of an improvement in terms of gaming performance, though certain applications can profit greatly.

The design is similar in part to Alienware’s gaming notebooks, but has enough originality of its asus g73 ati 5870.

The lid’s hinges are really quite large, and only provide a very limited opening angle which is not ideal for tall people. The design limits the at angle considerably. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. But we can only express our f73 at its resolution of 1, x Modern Warfare 2 Modern Warfare 2 has not been on the market for asus g73 ati 5870 long, and so it is particularly demanding for hardware when it’s on its highest detail settings and 4 x AA.