Retrieved January 25, When the pair realize Amanda has escaped, they call upon White Gold to take care of her. How Much Have You Seen? In a flashback, we see that a very sick Marion spent her last minutes alive wheezing through an absolutely brutal takedown of Victoria in which she revealed that Victoria’s father is the man who raped her as a teenager. Victoria tells David she knows he was planning to kill her but that she will do nothing to stop him and Emily having a life together. Retrieved November 17, Watch Now on Prime Video. Pretty Little Liars —

Start your free trial. That’s particularly true when that drama is as spellbinding in its satisfyingly gaudy way, as Revenge turns out to be”, while awarding particular praise to Van Camp for a “beguiling and entirely chilling study in revenge lust”. When the two women come face to face, Amanda prepares to shoot her enemy. The Masked Singer 7. Meanwhile, Natalie and David make contact and Jack reveals his true feelings to Emily who tells him she cannot be with him. After the end of his relationship, Daniel finally orders Louise out of his life and visits his mother, condemning her for her actions.

Meanwhile, Nolan backs out of his deal with Margaux as he feels guilty for betraying Louise, and Margaux reveals she is pregnant with Daniel’s baby. Emily is living in Grayson Manor, Victoria is committed to a mental hospital desperately trying to escape, and David Clarke is alive.

Favorite Network TV Drama. Victoria asks Margaux for a loan in order to bring herself and her family back to power. The couple confront Penelope with a police report proving her involvement in the death and banish her from the Hamptons. Costume Designers Guild Awards.

The charges are dismissed.

Retrieved May 14, Retrieved January 14, Retrieved October 14, Channel 7 in Thai. Along with her father, she contacts those she has taken down to prevent them ruining her image and chances of freedom.


The following story contains spoilers from the series finale of ABC’s Revenge. When the two women come face to face, Amanda prepares to shoot her enemy.

Yes No Report this. Along the way, she discovers various facts about her father’s past which change her plans many times. Concerned she is losing Alolstreaming to his daughter, Victoria reveals Emily’s true identity to one of Black’s informants.

They have sex, because being an escaped convict and talking about death in the house where your ex was murdered is hot. Jack, in an attempt to save David’s life, hands the evidence in to the police, only to discover as forewarned by David that it was found to be insufficient and Malcolm has been promptly released.

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And that, my friends, segie the anticlimactic end of Courtney Love, assassin. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Amanda confesses to the murder of Victoria Grayson in order to be moved to a high-security prison so that Nolan can plan an escape.

In Australia, it debuted on Seven Network on February 13,[58] with the second season returning on February 4,[59] the third season returning on February 3,[60] and the fourth season returning on February 23, Meanwhile, Nolan attempts to go on a date with Tony but his marriage to Louise complicates matters.

Victoria is forced to tell Margaux the truth about Emily’s identity and Ben overhears their conversation. Hunter Actually Kill Lily?

The fourth season began filming on July 11, Now living under an assumed identity, she is determined to seek vengeance on the people who destroyed her father’s life – the two main conspirators being Conrad and Victoria Grayson – by making their lives come crashing down around them. TV mentioned the series among the top television programs of Berg and Aaron Harberts had inked a two-year deal with ABC Studios which would have them serve as executive producers on the third season alongside Sunil Nayar.


Victoria tells David she knows he was planning to kill her but that she will do nothing to stop him and Emily having a life together.

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Fearing for Charlotte, David breaks into Grayson Manor to attack Emily but appears to recognize her before being chased out by Nolan, although they do not see his face. Emily’s revenge isn’t allostrfaming.

Emily plans to retaliate against Margaux but David forces her to see reason by telling her that unless she offers peace her fight will never end. You almost can’t believe it’s real, because it all happens so fast and makes so little sense.

Emily tells the police she was alone in the allostreaimng to protect Charlotte.

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Retrieved January 25, Brian Hallisay was cast as Ben, Jack’s new police partner with hopes of becoming a detective. Can you really just wander into the ICU willy-nilly? The season focuses on the revelation that David Clarke is alive and the continued feud fevenge Emily and Victoria, who finally knows Emily’s true identity and seeks her own revenge. Retrieved April 14, Emily attends the groundbreaking ceremony of the new hospital wing reevnge, with Jack by her side, finally reveals her true identity as Amanda Clarke.

After Malcolm visits Jack at home to question him on Kate’s whereabouts, Jack sends Carl away for protection and goes to David, who reveals he plans to meet and kill Malcolm.