Nasser asks Manuela how can she allow Abdallah into her house? Marwan dies and Manuela blames Abdallah. Cheikh Riad Magdy Edris In the middle of his own heart surgery, an Egyptian filmmaker remembers his life. Nasser arrives to speak with the now captive Abdallah in Manuela’s home. Le Destin Al.

Marwian’s wife is very happy about the judgments, but the caliph is not. Averroes now wants to meet with the brother. A Spaniard tells an aide to Sheik Riad that they are keeping their word to Riad. Le Destin Al. After the dancing is over Benhar asks Abdallah to go with them and he consents. Averroes leaves and it’s Manuela that spots Abdallah among the initiates. Marwan, Joseph and others meet together to say that with students they could make two copies of the works of Averroes. The caliph responds that he is concerned only about one man.

A man says to a group of men led by Sheik Riad that Averroes outsmarted Behan. Starring Lebanese legend Fairuz. Nasser asks Manuela how can she allow Abdallah into her house? Averroes had caught him accepting bribes and removed him from his office.

Aside having to fight the intrigue of fundamentalists, he has to do some optical experiments and also has to deal with family problems, a misguided caliph, and Christian troops eager to attack Andalusia. And he wants this fipm captured. He only lives for his dancing. Audible Download Audio Books. He now tosses it over his back and into the fire with a big grin on his face. Newer Post Older Post Home.


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Benhar then goes over and pulls the spear out of Marwan. Comedy on the Edge Eyepoppers Fantastic Reality.

The reasons are not given why the Muslims rejected the ideas of Aristotle, for whom Averroes was the greatest exponent. His school of philosophy is known as Averroism. Joseph runs into Averroes and tells him the bad news. He is having a secret relationship with a woman. Averroes finds out that the assailant has a brother who left a cult they both were a part of and the assailant tried to kill his brother.

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Sherrilyn Kenyon- Strfaming Hunter. Saladin is shown as an educated and peaceable man—at one point he is asked to give clandestine medical help to Richard the Lion Heart, shot by an arrow, and later he tells him: Add the first question.

The men say that they must silence Averroes. Once they have the trust of the initiates, they then begin to wear the new fellows down.

Averroes now wants to meet with the brother. Nasser has just enough time to go tell Averroes of the changed plans and the safety of his works in Egypt. He was credited with launching the career of actor Omar Sharif. Al-Mansur calls Riad to him and tells him that he and his sect will be in the front lines when they attack the Spaniards. In fact his old self, as a child, is accused of attempted murder of his new self.


Averroes reminds Nasser that it was Sheik Riad himself who introduced the idea of the fatwa. The other man tells Joseph that his mother has died and that he will take care of everything for Joseph. Averroes goes to see the caliph but Benhar and his men block the path of Averroes and even push him down the steps. He tells Nasser that the council wants to burn all of Averroes’s books and that Riad opposes this fatwa.

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Ina trip was paid by Chahine to his father’s land in Zahle, Lebanon, where a street was named strea,ing him. Marwan orders that Abdallah be placed on his horse and then demands that his hands be tied.

Later Nasser tells his father about this, but the caliph won’t listen.