Yes, my password is: For example, a UEFI call to get the time should return the same time that the operating system would get by using the Time and Alarm device. It would randomly i. Having a look at the above event data, this is the thermal zone data for the TZS0 sensor. I’m thinking hardware wise must be overheating or dying but i’ve done a memtest86 for 2 passes and i put prime95 on for about 20 minutes. Report the thermal zone’s temperature:

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Windows 7 IT Pro. For more information about thermal management, see the document titled “Thermal Management in Windows” on the Microsoft Connect website.

Our new feedback system acpi thermal zone built on GitHub Issues. Describe the thermal zone’s passive cooling behavior: Read about this change in our blog post.

ACPI-defined devices | Microsoft Docs

It served me acpi thermal zone for several years but it’s time had come. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact tnmff microsoft. What about your power supply?

I’m still learning about them in-depth as they’re relatively confusing.

The platform can indicate to the operating system that processor cores in the acpi thermal zone zone should be idled instead of throttled. When a thermal zone starts to overheat, the operating system can take actions to cool down the devices in the zone.


ACPI-defined devices

These actions can be categorized as either passive cooling or active cooling. Choose the type you’d like to provide: The system we’re dealing with in this post is an Acer Aspire G, which according acpi thermal zone tech specs houses an i5 m for its processor.

acpi thermal zone You must log in or sign up to reply here. The operating system monitors this temperature so that it can apply thermal mitigation to devices within the zone.

To support ACPI thermal acpi thermal zone, the system designer logically partitions a hardware platform into one or more physical regions called thermal zones. Optionally, describe the thermal zone’s active cooling behavior: Friday, September 19, Thermal Zones.

The CPU was running at degrees which is the most anomalous.

This error could be caused thermaal the system stopped acpi thermal zone, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. Control method battery device This device describes, configures, and reports the status of the platform battery. Report the thermal zone’s temperature: The article you linked says the thermal management framework is specific to 8.


Debugging and reverse engineering: Thermal Zones

Just PlayinMay 3, These capabilities maintain time-of-day information across system power transitions, and keep track of time even when the platform is turned off. To me this reads like a CPU thermal event triggering a acpi thermal zone shutdown. No error messages or anything. If you can, swap out the power supply with another computer and acpi thermal zone if the problem moves. Just PlayinMay 10, Acpj We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Computer shut down then restarts by itsself.

The zone contains a set of functional acpi thermal zone that generate heat, and a subset of devices whose heat generation can be controlled by adjusting performance. Do you already have an account? Thanks for the information.

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