That night, Oregon and Vod fall asleep in each other’s arms after successfully drafting a press release warning the other students of tough times ahead, while Howard and Candice snuggle up in bed together. This page was last edited on 19 September , at The reality show kicks off its tenth series with the first of two Las Vegas specials. Josie’s new friends are soon brought in when Kingsley brings up that Josie has been hanging with them and never mentioned it either. Eva ingratiates herself further into the life of her new neighbours, befriending Steffi and starting to dress and act like her. The gang settles back into Essex life following their Vegas trip. Lydia and her sister are furious when another rumour surfaces about Arg’s sex life. The housemates are attending an anti-tuition fees protest with JP planning to use the demo as a free trip to meet up with his friends in a bar.

And, at the Student Union election, Vod decides to help Oregon win, and proceeds to announce her plans for some increasingly ludicrous policies, but cannot lose her support. Both end up unsuccessful – Howard loses his nerve outside the pub, and Kingsley soon discovers that Heather still believes they are together, and she reveals that her grandfather is dying, putting him in a dilemma. She is prevented from leaving the therapist’s office due to the sit-in, and the two bond over a joint and a mutual troubled relationship with their mothers. JP is in denial about his father’s death and goes to see a counsellor just to try to get out of his end-of-term exam, but later decides to take the exam after he bribes Dan to reveal the questions. Oregon finds herself receiving abuse on Twitter for Tony Shales having an LGBT magazine closed down, and tries to persuade Vod to engage in lesbian experimentation with her in an effort to dispel the rumours that she is homophobic, but Vod turns her down, saying Oregon is “too straight,” so she instead takes a photograph of herself kissing Josie. This episode is audio described Adult humour This episode is subtitled 26 mins.

Five new students arrive at Manchester Medlock University to share a house. JP is working hard as an estate agent and happily flat sharing with Kingsley and Howard, who joined them after concerns over the people he had initially planned to live with. Seeking to periodically flee the situation when the team discover her address, she decides to go with Vod. Howard does his best to avoid Candice as he thinks she may have feelings for him.

After learning that Sabine was not pregnant, Howard pours his heart out to her, but is rejected. Howard asks Lauren, a girl on his geology course, on a eposode, but this is sabotaged by his jealous friend Brian, leading Howard to end their friendship.


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When Kingsley tries to stop her, she confronts him for his role in Dave breaking up with her, and orders him to drive her up to Wales himself. Meanwhile, Oregon’s new magazine comes under threat when Jean Shales hires an arrogant new intern to join her team, and she gives him the funding for the magazine Oregon was organising. Shaken, Josie becomes paranoid that Kingsley is trying to force her into a long-term commitment, misinterpreting many of his comments or actions as signs of this.

Heather is shocked when Josie reveals that Kingsley had been seeing them both concurrently at the beginning of term, and Sam soon finds herself dragged into it when Josie demands to know why Kingsley never mentioned his friendship with her, accusing him of cheating on her again.

Kingsley takes Josie outside and tells her that if she does not confess, he will do it for her. Meanwhile, Vod agrees to appeal her expulsion and Oregon abandons Tony Shales. The Verdict Is In — Plus: Kady’s efforts at playing Cupid with Diags and childhood friend Jodie don’t go to plan. Despite this, Josie begins to feel down and depressed, while Kingsley makes numerous suggestions for how to make their relationship work.

Jess hosts a showcase for her new single. To get out of cleaning the loft with Dad and Adam, Jonny claims to have dislocated his shoulder. There, she changes her mind about Dave, and reassures Kingsley that Heather likes him. JP is initially excited by the prospect of impressing Sam, until he learns that there will be a “captain’s only” round at the end, and realises that Howard’s plan is to embarrass him. It’s a new term and the flatmates are back at the house.

The tenth series of the reality show concludes with a s excess-themed party. Bobby throws a fundraising fashion show for Breast Cancer Awareness. Dave storms back to the house to confront Kingsley, who is hiding in the bathroom with JP, and finds out that Josie slept with both of them. What happened in Vegas? At the same time, JP decides not to put the house up for sale after reminiscing his time there while on a viewing.

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Retrieved 31 October JP is devastated when his emotionally distant father tells him that he recently suffered a heart attack, and Oregon learns that her childhood horse is dying.

Vod is in danger of being expelled from her course, and Oregon secretly persuades Tony Shales to increase Vod’s grade. Vod eventually stands up to her and tells her that she is the result of many of her insecurities, before sending her off the next morning. Meanwhile, Paul Lamb, the invisible housemate, has flown the nest, forcing the group to start looking for a new tenant. Later, Kingsley decides not to attend the event, after discovering that the image of him on one of their posters has had his soul patch airbrushed out.


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Howard reveals he has found a new three-bed house share. Moments before the wedding, Conrad visits his bride to give her a gift: It is made clear that she slashed the funding without having realised what this society was. Oregon goes instead and confesses, and is surprised when his wife is happy for the affair to continue.

There is a potentially lucrative internship on offer from BPwhich Howard and JP immediately compete for, but when JP is caught stealing, the representative takes an interest in Kingsley, inviting him to an upcoming BP event.

He gives his ticket to Howard. At the book launch, though, Dylan learns about Oregon’s affair with his father, following which Vod reveals regenge actual meaning of John Frobisher’s “Red Lady,” effectively leaving his academic career in tatters.

Kingsley initially decides to stay in Manchester with Heather, but she persuades him to join them, and Howard stays behind in order to call his computer company’s customer services. Gemma has some news for Bobby.

She meets her new neighbours, Steffi, Lex and their kids, who turn out to have secrets of their own. Rose Heiney and Tony Roche. Returning from Marbella to Essex, the gang faces up to the aftermath of their seeies. By the time they reach JP’s house his father has died. Kingsley’s frustration at not being able to get close to Josie inspires episod performance piece on his new course. Vod and Oregon seties him, and Vod discreetly throws JP’s father’s letters onto the fire so that he will not find out about them.

After berating Kingsley further, she leaves to spend the night next door. Lex and Steffi go away for the weekend in an attempt to reconnect but the trip ends in disillusion. Lists of British comedy television series episodes. Vod bonds with legendary American poet John Frobisher after she gatecrashes the drinks reception of his lecture, but is horrified when he dies the next day because of the amount he drank with her.

Sam and Elliott and Lauren and Mario head off on their first dates. The worst thing big spender Adam could do is get carried away with planning a wedding party and forgetting his bride’s dream episoe a church ceremony. Emily, accompanied by Aiden: Diags has rallied the troops and organised a trip to Newcastle.